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Owl Blossom
Birthday Party Planning Guide

Exclusively at BirthdayExpress.com


Make sure your little girl's birthday is a hoot with these helpful party planning tips. The birthday girl and party guests alike will be impressed with these fun and creative crafts, fun games and yummy treats!

Party Checklist

4-6 Weeks Before the Party

  • Select Date:



    Plan a safe, inviting place for kids to have fun. Set time to 2-3 hours for young children, and 3-4 hours for older kids.

  • Create Guest List

    Just fill out the handy list in this guide!

  • Order Owl Blossom Party Supplies, 
Owl Favors & Party Activities

    BirthdayExpress.com is the place! You'll find over 150 party themes, with party pack options for all of them. Expecting more guests? Choose our Pack Add-On option

  • Order Birthday Costume/Outfit & Gifts

    BirthdayExpress.com has lots of fun choices. Look for our costumes, T-shirts, hats and special birthday gifts designed to match our party themes.

  • Book Entertainment (optional)

2 Weeks Before the Party

  • Order Cake

    Schedule to pick it up one day before the party.

  • Mail Birthday Invitations

    Let the birthday child help by adhering the stamps and putting the invitations in the mailbox.

  • Create List of Parent Phone Numbers

    Keep on hand in case of emergency.

  • Plan Party Menu

    Check out the recipes in this guide. Ask parents if kids have any food allergies.

  • Choose Party Games & Collect Party Supplies

    This guide has ideas that match your party theme!

2-3 Days Before the Party

  • Prepare Cameras

    Check batteries. Charge video camera. Buy film or video cards. Get Birthday Message Cameras for the kids to use.

1 Day Before the Party

  • Make Food & Drinks, Bake/Get Cake, Buy Ice

    Set out chilled/heated foods just before kids eat.

  • Childproof & Decorate Party Area

    Remove breakable items and objects that could prevent guests from moving freely. Decorate with balloons, crepe paper, and other items included in your party pack.

  • Set Up Party Games, Fill Favor Boxes & Piñatas

    Invite your party child to help!

Party Day!

  • Fill Birthday Balloons with Helium

After the Party

  • Send Birthday Thank-You Notes

    Include party photos!


Pine Cone Owls


Let guests create their own charming owl friends with a natural touch! Gather (or Let guests create their own charming owl friends with a natural touch! Gather (or purchase) enough pine cones so that each guest has their own (and a couple of extras, just in case.) Before the party starts, prepare the facial features by cutting beaks from the felt and bending the pipe cleaners to make feet. 
At the party, give each guest a pine cone and let them glue on the beak, feet, and craft feathers as wings. Glue on the pom-poms first, then googly eyes on top of those, to make them stand out. Feel free to get creative with glitter, paints and other craft supplies, if you wish. The more crafty fun, the better!

Owl Piñata Paper Bag Treat Sacks


These cute owl treat sacks look like classic piñatas, but are the perfect way for party guests to carry home their party goodies! Before the party make a cut to round out the corners on the top of the treat bag, to make it look like the shape of an owl's face. Then take the strips from the tops of the two bags (they'll look like loops at first) to serve as handles for the bag. Cut into two strips of equal length, glue the two layers of both the bags and the handles together for extra strength; glue one handle to the inside of each side of the bag. 
While the glue is drying, start prep work on the decorative touches. From the construction paper, cut out eyes, wings, and a beak for each treat bag. Then cut 2"-wide strips from the tissue paper. Stack the strips of tissue paper together and cut slits along the bottom of each stack of strips to create a fringe effect.

What time is it, Wise Owl? 

This simple game is sure to be a hit at any owl-themed bash. Begin by choosing one guest to be the Wise Owl. Have this person stand at one end of the room, eyes closed, facing the wall. Then, have the rest of the participants line up at the opposite end of the room. Players then take turns asking Wise Owl what time it is. If the Wise Owl responds "3 o'clock," players can each take 3 steps forward. The object is to try to get close enough to the Wise Owl to tag him or her before Wise Owl notices. If Wise Owl senses that players are getting close enough for tagging, Wise Owl can turn the game around by replying "Midnight!" When players hear this, they should run quickly back to the starting line. If the Wise Owl tags a player before they make it back, that player is the Wise Owl for the next round. 


Owl Sandwiches


  • sliced bread (your choice)
  • sandwich fillings (peanut butter, cheese, lunch meat, etc.)
  • slices of cheese
  • large egg-shaped cookie cutter
  • straws, screw-on bottle caps, or other small, round shapes

These adorable owl sandwiches make any birthday lunch a treat! Start by making sandwiches as you normally would, and removing the crusts. Cut out the owl shapes using a large, egg-shaped cookie cutter. Then, turn the cookie cutter upside-down and use the small end of the cookie cutter to cut a small piece from the top of each owl (this forms the "horns" on the top of the owl's face.) Using a large straw or round, smooth-edged bottle cap, cut two circles out of a slice of cheese. (Super-thin slices of apple would work as well.) Place these on top of the sandwich as the owl's eyes. Find a smaller straw or circle-shaped item to cut the inside of the eyes and place them on top of the cheese. Use the left over pieces of sandwich to cut the rest of the facial features (beak, wings, etc.) with a kitchen knife. Secure all facial features in place with peanut butter, mayonnaise or other sandwich spread, depending on what kind of sandwiches you make.

Branches & Dip


  • pretzel sticks and/or rods
  • celery sticks
  • carrot sticks
  • bell pepper strips
  • veggie chip sticks (optional)
  • hummus and/or sour cream-based veggie dip

Carry out your cute, woodland owl theme with this easy side dish! Simply serve a variety of veggie sticks, pretzels and other stick-shaped snacks with a choice of two dips. Celery, carrots and bell peppers are great nutritional choices, and pretzels and crispy veggie chip sticks add some extra crunch. Hummus and sour cream-based dill or onion veggie dips (homemade or store-bought) add a fun punch of flavor. Serve buffet-style so guests can choose their own combinations, or offer a variety of "branches" and dips at each place setting.

Owl Brownies


  • brownies (from a store-bought mix or homemade)
  • chocolate frosting (homemade or store-bought)
  • Oreo cookies (classic or mini)
  • M&Ms or Reese's Pieces
  • candy corn, Runt's bananas or cashews
  • egg-shaped cookie cutter

Bake brownies as you normally would, or according to package directions, in a foil-lined pan and let cool. When brownies are cool, lift foil out of the pan so you have a flat surface to work with (without the edges of the pan getting in the way.) Cut several egg shapes out of the brownies using the cookie cutter. Then, cut a slice from the top section of the egg and turn the egg upside-down. (The flat part left where you just cut is the base of the owl's body.) Frost each brownie with chocolate icing. Using the frosting as "glue", place two open chocolate sandwich cookies (filling-side-up) on top for eyes, a candy-coated chocolate or other round candy for the center of each eye, and a candy corn with a candy banana or cashew for a beak. Use extra frosting to make frosting "horns" and to secure all the facial features in place. Serve as a tasty alternative to cake or wrap in pretty packages to send home with guests as favors.

Almond-Feathered Owl Cake


  • chocolate cake (homemade or store-bought mix)
  • square cake pan
  • plate (for tracing)
  • chocolate frosting
  • vanilla frosting (or round, flat meringues)
  • candy corn
  • skin-on, sliced almonds

Begin by baking the cake in a square cake pan, as you normally would or according to package directions. When cool, remove cake from the pan. Using the edge of a plate as a tracing guide, cut a small portion from one of the sides of the cake (should look like a half circle, but only use about ¼ of the width of the cake) to create the "horns' of an owl's face. Take the extra piece of cake and attach it with frosting to the opposite end of the square cake, to look like the round bottom of the owl's face. Frost the entire cake with chocolate icing. Using vanilla icing in a pastry bag and a decorative tip, pipe on large, round owl eyes. Place one candy corn a little below and between the eyes as a beak. Starting at the beak, and working downward, trace a triangular shape in the icing to the bottom corners of the owl. Apply almond slices like shingles to fill in this triangular area to look like feathers. Doubles as a delightful centerpiece for your food table or dining table!

Glance through the list below to see if you're missing any important items. Many can be found on the party theme page.

Print This Party Planning Guide Now

Open this free party planning guide as a PDF document for printing. Keep it handy to help make your party planning easy!

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