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Monster High
Birthday Party Planning Guide

Exclusively at BirthdayExpress.com


BirthdayExpress.com is every host’s secret for making birthday wishes come true! Our Monster High Party planning guide offers step-by-step instruction to help you plan, prepare and execute a memorable day for the birthday guest of honor. The helpful checklist ensures that no detail is forgotten, while the themed games and recipes take the guesswork out of finding treats and activities that complement your décor. And we know you’re busy, so the entire guide is printable – keeping you organized on the fly, from balloon blow-up to confetti clean-up!

Party Checklist

4-6 Weeks Before the Party

  • Select Date:



    Plan a safe, inviting place for kids to have fun. Set time to 2-3 hours for young children, and 3-4 hours for older kids.

  • Create Guest List

    Just fill out the handy list in this guide!

  • Order Monster High Birthday Party Supplies, 
Monster High Favors

    BirthdayExpress.com is the place! You’ll find over 150 party themes, with party pack options for all of them. Expecting more guests? Choose our Pack Add-On option

  • Order Birthday Costume/Outfit & Gifts

    BirthdayExpress.com has lots of fun choices. Look for our costumes, T-shirts, hats and special birthday gifts designed to match our party themes.

  • Book Entertainment (optional)

2 Weeks Before the Party

  • Order Cake

    Schedule to pick it up one day before the party.

  • Mail Monster High Birthday Invitations

    Let the birthday child help by adhering the stamps and putting the invitations in the mailbox.

  • Create List of Parent Phone Numbers

    Keep on hand in case of emergency.

  • Plan Party Menu

    Check out the recipes in this guide. Ask parents if kids have any food allergies.

  • Choose Party Games & Collect Party Supplies

    This guide has ideas that match your party theme!

2-3 Days Before the Party

  • Prepare Cameras

    Check batteries. Charge video camera. Buy film or video cards. Get Birthday Message Cameras for the kids to use.

1 Day Before the Party

  • Make Food & Drinks, Bake/Get Cake, Buy Ice

    Set out chilled/heated foods just before kids eat.

  • Childproof & Decorate Party Area

    Remove breakable items and objects that could prevent guests from moving freely. Decorate with balloons, crepe paper, and other items included in your party pack.

  • Set Up Party Games, Fill Favor Boxes & Piñatas

    Invite your party child to help!

Party Day!

  • Fill Birthday Balloons with Helium

After the Party


Monster Makeovers!


Use these marvelous monster high products to turn your party guests into their favorite spooktacular students! As the guests arrive, pull them into the “Mad Scientist Makeup room” and help them transform into cool creatures!

Fashion Run!

  • 2 shirts
  • 2 pants
  • 2 hats
  • 2 large necklaces
  • 2 pairs of glasses/sunglasses
  • 2 pairs of shoes

There are two teams, and each team gets shirts, skirts, glasses, hats, jewelry, and shoes in a suitcase. The first person puts on everything and runs to the other side of the room and says, "Happy Birthday, [girl's name]!" and runs back and takes off everything. When she reaches her team she takes off the outfit as the girl next to her puts on the items she just removed. the next girl goes and does the same. The first team to finish is the winner.

Fear Squad

  • pom poms (optional)

Who has what it takes to make the Fear Squad? This goulish game is very similar to “Simon Says”. Instead of Simon be the leader, chose someone to be Cleo De Nile (the frightening and fabulous Fear Squad Captain). Then have Cleo start playing “Cleo Says” followed by a demonstration of a sweet dance move. The “fear leader finalists” will then have to copy what she says or they are out. The last fearleader standing becomes the captain! (Play as many times as you’d like.)


1. Ghoul Girl Gruel (Worm Pudding)

  • 3.9 oz chocolate instant pudding
  • 2 cups of cold milk
  • 1 tub (8 oz.) Cool Whip
  • 15 Oreo cookies, finely crushed (about 1-1/4 cups), divided
  • worm-shaped gummies
  • large bowl
  • wire wisk

This is a fun snack that can even be made by the party guests! If you make the pudding/cookie/whip mixture first you can have them add the additional cookie crumbs and worms! First, beat your pudding mix and milk in large bowl with whisk for 2 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes. Then, stir in your Cool Whip and 1/2 cup cookie crumbs. Spoon your mixture into plastic or styrofoam cups and refrigerate for about an hour. After the pudding mixture is done refrigerating add the remaining cookie crumbs and gummy worms. (Or have the guests add them as a fun little baking game)

Cleo De Nile Pizza Mummies

  • english muffins
  • pizza sauce
  • black olives
  • scallions
  • red or green pepper
  • cheese sticks or slices
  • baking sheet

First, pre-heat the oven to 350º F. For each mummy, spread a tablespoon of pizza sauce onto half of an English muffin. Set olive slices in place for eyes and add round slices of green onion or bits of red or green pepper for pupils. Lay strips of cheese (either slices or cheese sticks) across the muffin for the mummy’s wrappings. Bake your little mummy-muffins for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is golden brown.

Cool school ghoul appetizers!

  • sushi rolls (or candy sushi rolls. directions below)
  • steak bites
  • grapes, watermelon, strawberries
  • carrots, celery, red bell peppers,
  • peanut butter and banana sandwiches
  • serving platters
  • paper plates

Make an appetizer table with the Monster High Character’s favorite foods! Grapes (Cleo); Sushi rolls(Lagoona) If you don’t think your party guests will enjoy sushi make sushi roll candies!; Steak bites (Clawdeen); Assorted Fruits and veggies (Draculara); Peanut butter and banana mini sandwiches (Operetta). Dessert Sushi Directions (30 minutes) Rice crispie treats 1 pkg of Sweedish fish 1 pkg green sour straws (quartered) First, make your Rice crispie treats as directed on the box. Cut the treats into 1 and ½ inch pieces. Place one Swedish fish in the middle and two quartered straws around it.


  • 1-box of your favorite cake mix
  • vanilla frosting
  • pink and black food coloring
  • pink, black, and white sprinkles

Make cupckakes and frost them with the monster high colors (Pink, black and white). Add pink, black and white sprinkles for a little extra dazzle!

Print This Party Planning Guide Now

Keep it handy to help make your party planning easy!

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