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Dr. Seuss
Birthday Party Planning Guide

Exclusively at BirthdayExpress.com


BirthdayExpress.com is every host's secret for making birthday wishes come true! Our Dr. Seuss party planning guide offers step-by-step instruction to help you plan, prepare and execute a memorable day for the birthday guest of honor. The helpful checklist ensures that no detail is forgotten, while the themed games and recipes take the guesswork out of finding treats and activities that complement your décor. And we know you're busy, so the entire guide is printable – keeping you organized on the fly, from balloon blow-up to confetti clean-up!

Party Checklist

4-6 Weeks Before the Party

  • Select Date:



    Plan a safe, inviting place for kids to have fun. Set time to 2-3 hours for young children, and 3-4 hours for older kids.

  • Create Guest List

    Just fill out the handy list in this guide!

  • Order Dr. Seuss Party Supplies, 
Dr. Seuss Favors

    BirthdayExpress.com is the place! You’ll find over 150 party themes, with party pack options for all of them. Expecting more guests? Choose our Pack Add-On option

  • Order Birthday Costume/Outfit & Gifts

    BirthdayExpress.com has lots of fun choices. Look for our costumes, T-shirts, hats and special birthday gifts designed to match our party themes.

  • Book Entertainment (optional)

2 Weeks Before the Party

  • Order Cake

    Schedule to pick it up one day before the party.

  • Mail Dr. Seuss Birthday Invitations

    Let the birthday child help by adhering the stamps and putting the invitations in the mailbox.

  • Create List of Parent Phone Numbers

    Keep on hand in case of emergency.

  • Plan Party Menu

    Check out the recipes in this guide. Ask parents if kids have any food allergies.

  • Choose Party Games & Collect Party Supplies

    This guide has ideas that match your party theme!

2-3 Days Before the Party

  • Prepare Cameras

    Check batteries. Charge video camera. Buy film or video cards. Get Birthday Message Cameras for the kids to use.

1 Day Before the Party

  • Make Food & Drinks, Bake/Get Cake, Buy Ice

    Set out chilled/heated foods just before kids eat.

  • Childproof & Decorate Party Area

    Remove breakable items and objects that could prevent guests from moving freely. Decorate with balloons, crepe paper, and other items included in your party pack.

  • Set Up Party Games, Fill Favor Boxes & Piñatas

    Invite your party child to help!

Party Day!

  • Fill Birthday Balloons with Helium

After the Party


Pin the Hat on the Cat

  • Cat in the Hat poster
  • paper hats (1 for each guest)
  • tape
  • blindfold

This classic birthday party game with a fun Seuss twist will surely bring joy to all the girls and boys! Grab a Cat in the Hat poster and print out paper hats for each party guest. Have the children take turns trying to pin the hat on the cat blindfolded!

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Scavenger Hunt

  • ornaments, wrapping paper, Santa hat, Christmas stockings, bows, (other X-mas decorations)
  • list/pencil (one for each child or team)

Oh no! The Grinch has hidden all of Whoville's Christmas decorations! Hide various Christmas décor (and maybe some fake presents) around the house. Give each child (or team of children) a list and a pencil then let them search around the house and collect them so they can save Christmas! The child (or team) who collects the most Christmas items wins!

Cat in the Hat Piñata


Kids will find this party game dandy because when it's over, they'll have candy! Our Dr. Seuss Pull-String Piñata is a fun and safe way to entertain children of all ages! Simply have them take turns pulling the piñata strings until it bursts open and showers them in candy.

Suessical the Musical Chairs

  • Suessical the Musical Soundtrack
  • 1 chair for each party guest

Start the music and let the kids jam out to the Seussical the Musical soundtrack while around a circle of chairs. When the music stops, the children must find a chair to sit in. The child left standing is out. Take out one chair and repeat. The last child left sitting is the winner!


Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes

  • red velvet cupcake mix (and corresponding ingredients)
  • white frosting
  • blue cotton candy
  • red cupcake sleeves
  • white construction paper
  • black marker
  • tape

Adorable and delectable! First prepare your cupcakes in the red cupcake sleeves by following the directions on the package. While your cupcakes are baking cut draw circles on your white construction paper and write thing 1 on half of them and thing 2 on the other half (Draw as many circles as you have cupcakes). Take out your cupcakes and let them cool. While they are cooling, cut out your circles. When they are completely cooled, frost them with the white frosting and tape your circles to the cupcake sleeve so it looks like the sleeve is the Thing 1 or 2 shirt. About 30 minutes before serving, pull out chunks of your blue cotton candy and place them on the cupcakes to make the things hair. (Make sure to separate hair sections with your fingers). It's a sticky process, but in the end you'll have an absolutely adorable themed treat!

One Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Trail Mix

  • 3 cups of multicolored goldfish
  • 1 cup of pretzel fish
  • 1 cup of mini chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of raisins
  • bowl

A fun treat kids will love to eat! Toss all of the ingredients together in a bowl and serve in plastic or paper cups. This sweet themed can be munched on throughout the entire day of your soiree!

Roast Beast Burger Bar

  • ground beef (or turkey)
  • cheese
  • ketchup
  • lettuce
  • pickles
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • mayonnaise
  • buns

Citizens of Whoville do love their Roast Beast! (Even grinches don't mind it!) Before the party, grill or pan fry your burgers (one for each party guest). Try to make them medium well. Then 15 minutes before it's time to eat, stick your burgers in the oven (at about 350) to warm them up. Set up a toppings bar so the party guests can build their own roast beast masterpiece!

Truffela Tree Fruit Kabobs

  • watermelon (cubed)
  • cantaloupe (cubed)
  • honeydew (cubed)
  • pineapple (cubed)
  • red seedless grapes
  • wooden skewers

This sweet snack is colorful and vibrant just like the Truffela trees! Simply place your fruit on the skewers rotating between each and serve!

Print This Party Planning Guide Now

Keep it handy to help make your party planning easy!

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