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Zombie Party

They're coming to get you, and they're hungry for a great time. There's no use running or hiding. Give them what they want with a zombie-themed party to die for.

Zombie Party

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Zombie Party

BYOB Party: Bring Your Own Brains

From chilling tableware to creative decorations, guys and ghouls will shamble away happy with our zombie party ideas. Using our zombie plates and a palette of rot green, blood red and midnight black decorations, give your friends a disgustingly good time. Add in a few other creative touches for an unforgettable undead bash.




Corpse-like green and black streamers and balloons set the backdrop for your party. Shake a few drops of red food coloring into the inside of a white balloon for a few blood-streaked pops of gory color. Yellow streamers are perfect police tape to caution guests against wandering too far from the relative safety of the party. They don't want to open something with dead inside. Or do they?




The creepiest touch for your table or buffet is our zombie plates. Each bearing the ominous silhouettes of the undead emerging from a foggy cemetery, they give anyone the shivers. Amplify the ick factor by adding green food coloring to your entrees and desserts with a hearty topping of red sauces or frosting and white ping pong "eyes" in the punchbowl.