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    Legend of Zelda themed party supplies from BirthdayExpress.com are affordable, fun and convenient. That’s what they call a Triforce!

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The Legend Of Zelda Party

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The Legend of Zelda

Join Link on a Quest Through Hyrule With a Legend of Zelda Party

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's most popular video game series of all time, with 17 installments, as well as TV and manga adaptations. The series follows Link on his quests to rescue Princess Zelda and save the kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon's destruction. If your son or daughter loves playing Legend of Zelda and dreams of embarking on a quest with Link, then a Legend of Zelda theme for his or her next birthday party will make those a dreams a reality. From decorations and tableware to invitations and party favors, Birthday Express has everything you need to throw a flawless Legend of Zelda party.

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    Not sure where to start with your Legend of Zelda party planning? Browse the Birthday Express Ideas Blog for tips on the best decorations, food, activities and more to make your Zelda party unforgettable.

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    Start planning your party food early. Search online for creative ideas on how to incorporate your theme into the main course, dessert and snacks. Pinterest and party planning blogs will have plenty of ideas and recipes to follow!

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    Let your child's friends know you're throwing the ultimate Zelda birthday party with these Legend of Zelda Invitations. Each card features Link inviting guests to save the date and prepare for a special quest to save Princess Zelda.



The key to a successful party is setting the scene. Fortunately, Birthday Express has a variety of Legend of Zelda decorations to help you transform any space into the kingdom of Hyrule. Fill the party with classic decorations, like crepe paper streamers and balloons, or go above and beyond with customized decorations, like the Legend of Zelda Centerpiece or personalized banner. With help from Birthday Express, you can make the famous video game's action-packed fantasy world come to life.


Highlight your theme on the food or activity table with the Legend of Zelda Centerpiece. With scenes of Zelda and Link in action, the cardboard centerpiece puts the video game's famous characters front and center at your party.

Personalized Banner

Add a personal touch to your party decorations with the Legend of Zelda Personalized Vinyl Banner. The banner features Link riding through Hyrule's beautiful landscape, with ample space for a customized message that will make your child's big day even more special.




You have the banners, balloons and other decorations ready for an amazing Legend of Zelda birthday party, but don't forget to decorate the table. The food table is another great place to put the party theme on display. Birthday Express has all of the supplies you need for a perfect Zelda-themed table placement. With themed dinner plates, dessert plates, cups and napkins, Link and Zelda can join party guests during mealtime, too.


One of the trickiest parts of planning the perfect party is the entertainment. Keeping kids busy and engaged isn't easy, but Birthday Express has you covered with a selection of party activities that fit right into your Legend of Zelda theme. With piñatas, cardboard stands and Splat Rock toys for guests to enjoy, there won't be a dull moment at your child's party.


This party classic has been entertaining kids for ages, and it's an easy way to get partygoers active. The Legend of Zelda Piñata Kit includes a pull-string piñata featuring Link in battle, a blindfold, buster stick and a filler bag of candy and toys.


With this six-foot tall Legend of Zelda Standup, Link can join in on the party fun, too. Guests can let their imaginations run wild as they join Link on a quest to save the princess and kingdom from the evil Ganon.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Many games have a story. Only one is a legend."

"I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!"

"Eyes of Ganon are everywhere. Be careful."

"As it is written, you, Link, are the hero of Koridai!"

"Gee! It sure is boring around here."

"Link, you must find the pieces and save Zelda."

"That old Ganon's no match for the king!"

"Each town has a wise man. Learn from him."

"Welcome, Link. I am the Essence of the Triforce."

"I just saved you from Ganon!"


Party Favors

Your child's Legend of Zelda party will be one that kids want to remember. With party favors, guests can take a piece of the party home with them and let the magic continue. Party favors are also a simple way to thank everyone for attending the party and making it a day worth remembering. Birthday Express has complete party favor boxes for you to use, as well as themed pieces you can add to homemade favors.

  • Favor Box

    Send guests home with a mixture of toys to remind them of all the fun they had at your child's Legend of Zelda birthday party. The filled favor box includes a sticker sheet, laser spin top, dragon mask, Splat Rock, glow stick, notepad and crayons.

  • Tattoos

    The Legend of Zelda Tattoos are perfect additions to goodie bags for the kids to take home, or they can be used as an activity during the party. Either way, the guests will love sporting symbols from their favorite game.

  • Stickers

    Add the Legend of Zelda Stickers to homemade party favor boxes or hand out as a standalone gift. The colorful, action-packed sticker sheet is a simple way for guests to take a part of the party home with them.


Personalize It!

Adding a personal touch to decorations and party supplies will make your child's big day truly special. Many of the Legend of Zelda items from Birthday Express have a personalization option for you to add a customized message or photo. With personalized invitations, banners, plates and more, items for every part of the day can be customized.


Don't settle for a traditional “Happy Birthday” banner. Get the Legend of Zelda Personalized Photo Vinyl Banner to ramp up your party decorations. Add a favorite photo and personal message to make the banner extra special.


The Legend of Zelda Personalized Dinner Plates are a great way to create a fun and unique dining experience for party guests. The plates feature Link coming to the rescue alongside a picture of your child and a customized message.


Your child will already be the center of attention, but the Legend of Zelda Personalized Centerpiece will ensure he or she is the center of decorations, too. With a picture and personalized note, this decoration is sure to make an impression.

Favor Boxes

Favor boxes filled with delicious treats and fun toys are the perfect way to thank guests for attending your child's Legend of Zelda birthday party. With the Legend of Zelda Personalized Favor Boxes, you can create unique favor boxes for guests.


Thank–You Notes

After the birthday festivities end, be sure to send everyone thank you notes to show your appreciation for their role in making the day special. To make the task a little easier, Birthday Express has packs of thank you notes ready to be filled out, even ones that match your theme. The Legend of Zelda Personalized Thank You Notes are the perfect way to wrap up your child's big day.