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    Help Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and all of their friends on Bygone Island defeat mad scientist Dr. Eggman with the Sonic Boom birthday party theme from Birthday Express.

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Sonic Boom Party Theme

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Sonic Boom

Leave Dr. Egghead In The Dust With a Sonic Boom Birthday

Whether you're 8 or 80, some things just never seem to go out of style. A good pair of jeans, for example. A perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Sonic the Hedgehog. With several iterations proceeding the original video game in 1991 (24 years ago for those who didn't feel old enough already), the most recent series, Sonic Boom, has been a current Cartoon Network hit. And if you're reading this, you're thinking about throwing an epic Sonic Boom party for your little one and we think that's a really good idea. Grab Sonic, Tails, and the whole gang and get ready to party!

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    The perfect birthday party is right around the corner! All you need are some supplies and a LOT of imagination. You can watch Sonic Boom episodes online for inspiration and check out our Ideas Blog for some helpful tips on how to throw an awesome party.

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    Planning Tip

    Though Sonic could probably whip up a party in 20 minutes, it takes we humans a little bit longer. Prepare a party planning schedule outlining each task that needs to be done and how much time it takes to complete.

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    Your guests will scurry over to the party almost as fast as Sonic himself when they receive the Sonic Boom Invitations in the mail. Send them out early so you can be sure they save the date.



Everyone knows you can't have a party without a theme. And you can't have a theme without decorations, right? So if Sonic Boom is your theme, look no further because we've got you covered right down to the details. From napkins to balloons, from table covers to personalized banners, Birthday Express has everything you need to turn an empty space into party central. We've even got giant wall decals to turn your place into Sonic's home island in no time!

Balloon Bouquet

A tried-and-true party classic, the Sonic Boom Balloon Bouquet is the perfect way to decorate a table, porch or doorway to let every guest know where the party is. It comes with latex and foil balloons, including two Sonic Boom foil balloons, and metallic-wrapped balloon weight.

Personalized Banner

The best way to make the birthday boy or girl feel special is to add a personal touch whenever you can. The Sonic Boom Personalized Banner is available in three different sizes and can be personalized with both text and a photo for an extra-special decoration.




For a truly festive gathering, your theme should be seen in every detail, from when your guests arrive to when they leave. And our extensive set of Sonic Boom tableware is a really fun way to do it. We've got Sonic Boom plates and napkins. We've got Sonic Boom cups and Sonic-colored plastic ware. Even while chowing down on some delicious birthday treats, our array of tableware will have you celebrating Sonic at every turn.


Here's where it gets REALLY fun. Lots of kids all together in one place (especially after eating some delightful and sugar-filled cake and ice cream) need a way to burn off some energy. What better way than some Sonic Boom activities? Sure, having the kids do their best Sonic impression and run around as fast as they can would do the trick, but we think some of these Sonic Boom-themed activities may be a little bit more fun.


Get ready to make it rain (candy, that is) with the phenomenally festive Sonic Boom Pinata Kit! This brightly colored and Sonic Boom-themed all-in-one piñata kit gives you an excellent party game. It comes with the pull-string piñata, candy and toy fillers and piñata buster.

Stick The X Game

A Sonic twist on a birthday standard, the Sonic Boom 'Stick the X Game' allows kids of all ages to take part in the fun. Throw on a blindfold and see how closely you can stick the heavy-duty vinyl wrench decals to the appropriate place.

Photo Opportunities

Photo opportunities are an awesome way to have fun while creating some great, lasting memories of the party. Use the Sonic Boom Giant Wall Decal or even the Sonic Boom Plastic Table Cover as a backdrop to take some silly photos of all your guests.


Ready to kick it up a notch? How about a Sonic the Hedgehog Kids' costume to get the party started! It comes with the blue jumpsuit and hood with pointy ears, and one set of boot covers and white gloves.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"No time for that now. We gotta go save Tails!"

"That was close."

"This has gone on long enough, Dr. Eggman!"

"Looks like that robot is fired!"

"Sticks! Get ‘em!"

"No way, Egghead!"

"Game over, Eggman. Shut off the Doomsday device."

"Back! Back I say!"


Party Favors

Though not a necessity, a party favor is a great way to show your appreciation for your guests, their presence and (probably) their presents. You could go for a traditional thank-you card or a spirited high-five as they walk out the door, but we have a few ideas that could be a little more fun. And what's more, they allow you and your guests to remember the party and that awesome Sonic Boom theme for a long time.

  • Filled Favor Box

    If you've spent all your energy planning the party itself and don't have time for party favors, the Sonic Boom Filled Favor Box is the perfect solution. It comes pre-filled with a sticker sheet, glitter bounce ball and all sorts of other Sonic Boom goodies.

  • Sticker Sheet

    The Sonic Boom sticker sheet makes the perfect, simple party favor for guests of any age. Each package comes with four sheets of Sonic Boom character stickers, ready to be stuck on folders, phone cases or smaller siblings.

  • Empty Favor Box

    Ready to put together your own favors but love the neat favor box look? Look no further than the Sonic Boom Empty Favor Box. Assemble the box and fill it with any candy, toys or thank you notes for your guests to enjoy.


Personalize It!

At Birthday Express, we love helping you create special and memorable events for you, your kids and your friends and family. Birthday parties are a great reason to get together and celebrate a loved one. And, though we love our birthday party supplies equally, just like any good parent would, we really do have a special soft spot for our fantastic collection of personalized decorations. Take a look and find some cool ways to make that special day even more memorable.


A banner is an attention-grabbing way to get this party rolling. Now you can personalize your banner with the Sonic Boom Personalized Photo Banner! It's a heavy-duty vinyl sign that comes in three sizes and features personalized text and photo options.


Why just look at the birthday boy or girl's adorable face when you can eat off it, too? The Sonic Boom Personalized Dinner Plates are a fun and nifty way to tell the guest of honor just how special he or she is.

Thank-You Notes

Here at Birthday Express, we understand that the smallest details can make the biggest impact. When it comes to decorations, food and activities, it's all about the little things. That's why we've created the Personalized Thank You Cards. It might not seem like much, but a simple thank you to your guests is a wonderful way to let them know how much you appreciate their presence on your child's big day.

Favor Box

When it's all said and done, the favor box is the last thing your guests will have to remember. The Sonic Boom Personalized Favor Box is the perfectly personal way to send them off and a wonderful way to end a great party.