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Unicorn Fantasy

For girls who love fantasy and magic, nothing could be better than a party with unicorns. Throw a timeless and magical party with the unicorn fantasy party kit.

Unicorn Fantasy Party Supplies

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Unicorn Fantasy

Make here birthday a magical one!

Unicorns are timeless creatures of the fantasy genre, and have captured the hearts of children and adults alike for hundreds of years. With such pleasing pastel colors and delicate features, unicorns make for the perfect centerpiece in putting together a magical, fairy-like party. Host your own timeless party for your child with the unicorn fantasy party kit.




What young child who loves sparkling unicorns won't also love decorating their own room for the perfect party? Help decorate the house with dreamy purple and pink balloons and blowouts. The honeycomb centerpiece can draw the whole thing together and carry the party to the fantasy dreamscape of your child's imagination. To really keep the magic alive, this party kit comes with the option for favor loot bags, so all your kid's friends have a little something to remember the party by.




Set a table fit for a royal queen with the tableware included in the party kit! No fantasy party can be set without some decor for the birthday cake or cupcakes. Use lunch and cake plates and napkins adorned with the elegant image of galloping unicorns and rose trees to spark joy and glee even at the kitchen table. Whatever the flavor of the treats, be sure to set the table befitting the guests of a royal fantasy castle in a luscious fairy-tale. The memories of a wonderful birthday party can last a lifetime; make it this one with this enchanting party set.