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Totally 80's

Whether you've got childhood nostalgia for the 80s or want to share those lovable memories with your child, the totally 80's theme is for you!

Totally 80s Party Supplies

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Totally 80's

Throw a like totally awesome 80's party!

Do you often have a hankering to revisit old memorabilia from the past, or watch old VHS tapes of music videos that aired on television? Miss the days of playing arcade games? Listening to 1980s' music can help, but throwing a birthday party with the 80's party set can truly bring back those days and make them fresh again!




Groove with some hits from Michael Jackson or Madonna while setting up with the totally 80's party kit to tie the nostalgic theme together! This party kit is absolutely essential for capturing the vibe of the 80's. Decorate with the hip 80's themed trinkets designed with retro-style pixel characters. Play with some of the toys of the past you can't find in stores any longer, like shades, cassettes and other neon doodads. Both kids and adults looking to bring out their inner child alike will fawn over these decorations.




No party is complete without the proper tableware, and the totally 80's party box has you covered! Set the table with the neon printed plates, napkins and plastic cutlery to really deliver on those awesome vibes of the old days. A party with the theme of the 80's is not complete without a throwback to some of those beloved retro arcade games, like Pacman and Galaga. That's why the tableware is styled in loving regard to those beloved days gone by playing 8-bit video games. Regardless of your birth date, an 80's themed party is sure to make memories for all your company.