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    Not even Loki can stop you from throwing the best birthday ever when you order Avengers Assemble party supplies from BirthdayExpress.com. Invite Iron Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk and the rest of the team to your child’s celebration!

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The Avengers

Invite Earth's mightiest heroes to your next bash!

Get ready to throw a "MARVELous" party with our officially licensed Avengers line of birthday and party goods. Your child will be in awe when he or she sees all of the Avengers arrive on party day. The Avengers Assemble party theme features favorite Avengers like Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Throughout the years many Avengers have come and gone as the group continues to "fight the foes no single superhero can withstand." The team, famous for their battle cry of "Avengers Assemble" has featured humans, mutants, robots, aliens, supernatural beings, and even former villains.

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    Party planning can be frustrating, but there's no need to stress out and turn into the Incredible Hulk! It's easy to get the perfect Avengers party started with all of our Marvel Comics-inspired supplies. From setting the stage to rockin' the costumes, you'll be transported to another dimension where make-believe becomes real in no time!

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    Planning Tip

    Get things started early the day of the party by creating your own personalized Avengers artwork. Designed by you and your little one, it's a great way to spend quality time together. And with our selection of party supplies, you'll be Avenging villains and taking superhero strength to the next level in a flash!

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    the Invites

    Suit up as your favorite Avenging hero and join us for ____'s 10th birthday party! It’s going to be a super-sized super bash, so gather your accessories and get here fast. We'll be celebrating all day in epic style, so put on your mask, grab your shield and join the team!



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's all the Avengers accessories you can fit in a room ready to bring their mighty powers to your birthday or theme party! These superhuman forces from the movies and classic Marvel comic books appear on all of our colorful party supplies. Choose from action-packed adventure scenes to bright-colored plates and coordinating cups. Avengers balloons and backdrops will fill up your airspace for a superhero style celebration that will leave your guests feeling like justice has been served!

Avengers Balloons

Every party needs balloons and our Avengers balloon bouquet is just the ticket to fill your airspace. Featuring all the avenging defenders in action, your guests can't help but take a cue from their favorite superhero and spring into party mode in no time.

Avengers Decoration Kit

Power up your festivities with our awesome Avengers decoration kit. These avenging superheroes are ready to help you spring into action at a moment's notice. Featuring multiple pieces that are easy to assemble, they add excitement to your party room and are dynamic to display.




When the young superheroes get thirsty from all their crime fighting, serve up delicious hot or cold beverages in one of our Avengers cups. Find yourself in a messy bind? No need to worry because the Avengers are on the job! The exciting Avengers lunch napkins feature an action-packed print of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk racing forward against a background exploding with bright blue. When it's time to serve, pass out these super-cool plates, color coordinated with all the utensils every crime fighter needs to fantastically clean up the scene!


Suit up and save the day by keeping your crime fighters entertained at the party. These awesome activities will have your heroes' imaginations running wild and working together like the real Avengers. In less time than you can say power boost, you can rally your crime fighters into action with this superhero twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. First blindfold guests, then let them take turns trying to land an arc reactor sticker on Iron Man's chest. Saving the world is tough work, but you'll get votes and applause when you get all your Avengers together for these awesome party activities!


Let your superheroes practice their moves on an Avengers pinata. Laughs will fill the room as your little crime fighters try to break open the pinata. Smaller kids can take turns pulling each string to reveal the treats inside!

Avengers Party Game

"Avengers Assemble" and take aim! This superhero twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey will have everyone enjoying the challenge. First blindfold guests, then let them take turns trying to land an arc reactor sticker on Iron Man's chest. Laughing never felt so good!

Wall Decorating Kit

Give your party room some character with an amazing Avengers wall-decorating kit. The Avengers Assemble design features an array of superheroes including Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Falcon and Black Widow, all poised and ready for your party-going superheroes to join them!

Dress Up

Whether your little one's favorite Marvel superhero is Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or Hulk, he or she can find them all assembled in our vault of costume options. Our vast selection will capture the imagination of any young comic book fan and will have them feeling like they can save the world any day of the week!


Avengers Phrases

"Big man in a suit of armor, take that away and what are you?"

"Is everything a joke to you?"

"I pity the guy who tries to beat us!"

"We'll avenge it."

"On that day the Avengers were born to fight the foes no single hero could withstand!"

"That's right, we need a name. It should be something colorful and dramatic, like The Avengers!"

"We'll never be beaten for we are the Avengers!"

"There is much good we might do."

"Seriously, it took 6 of you to stop an alien invasion?"

"We'll fight together or separately if need be!"


Party Favors

All the Avengers are ready to bring their mighty powers to your birthday party festivities! The superhuman forces from the popular movies and classic Marvel comic books appear on all our colorful party favors. There's no better parting gift than a goody bag, and our fun-filled Pez dispensers feature all their favorite characters dispensing tasty treats. Add their favorite Avenger's mask to the mix and top things off with an original piece of art they created on a plate or cup. Your guests will leave happy after having a super-riffic day of crime fighting to remember!

  • Avengers Pez

    You'll definitely want to order enough of these fantastic Avengers Pez dispensers for each of your guests as a fun, parting gift. All your little superheroes will head off into the sunset with a tasty treat and fond memories of the action-packed day of comic-book fun they brought to life!

  • Avengers Favor

    Nothing gets them into character more quickly than the perfect mask! Crime fighting doesn't get any better than donning your favorite Avenger character's mask and costume and heading out to do some good! Choose from Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk or Captain America, and let the games begin!

  • Avengers Favor
    Value Pack

    Send your partygoers home with memorable party favors from our Avengers party favor pack. Be prepared to have all your superheroes head off into the sunset in super-hero style, after a day of crime fighting at a celebration which leave all your guests feeling like justice has been served!