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Superhero Party

Want to put the POW in your kid's next birthday party? Get the right action party gear with the superhero party kit!

Superhero Party Supplies

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Superhero Party

Up, up and away!

When it comes to your kid's birthday party, it's important not to settle for the ordinary or mundane. Set the right mood for leaping into danger and fighting bad guys to create the daring party your kid needs. Every kid has an action superhero in them – so let their inner hero shine with action-packed plates and balloons.




If your kid wants to kick butt like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Green Lantern or Henry Danger, then these heroic party decorations are for them. The superhero party kit comes with tons of vibrant stickers so you can punch on some bold decorations wherever you need them. Don't let your company go without some outdoors action either – use the kickball favors included to fill the day with that same excitement and adrenaline heroes face. And just like a hero without a cape, a party should not be without some bold balloons!




When it's time for the hero of the party to get some lunch or cake, make sure they have the plates and napkins befitting them! Set the table with some bam using the comic uppercut plates, cups and napkins. This box also comes with tumblers and booth props that'll build just the right kind of atmosphere to really bring out the best in your birthday kid. Having the right tableware is also sure to make your guests say "wow!" With such a performance of heroics, you'll be sure to create a party to remember.