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Football Party Themes

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Football Party

Make your party nothing less than a touchdown!

It doesn't matter which team you're rooting for, football is always a reason for a celebration! Whether you're planning a game-day party for all your friends or a birthday party for your little linebacker, you'll find all the supplies you need right here at BirthdayExpress. These party supplies make your job easy with decorations, activities and party favors. Don't miss out on any of the details, and your party will surely be a hit.

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    Deciding on a party theme was a no-brainer. Now it's time to get in the spirit and start planning a party that will become the talk of the town. Find all the ideas and inspiration you need on the BirthdayExpress Ideas and Inspiration blog.

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    Planning Tip

    Make the party even more festive when you tell your guests to come dressed in a jersey from their favorite team. The kids will love representing the team they cheer for the most while fitting in with the fun party theme!

  • Send The

    Spread the news of thrilling football fun with invitations to let everyone know it's time to cheer for their favorite team! Give them a preview of what's to come with these "football game day" invitations. One look at the exciting announcement and your guests won't be able to contain their excitement.



Balloons, banners, table decorations... there's no need to leave anything out when it comes to your football festivities! The more decorations you have, the more prominent your theme will be. Make all the little quarterbacks smile when they see decorations from their favorite sport spread throughout the party area.

Foil Balloon

Of course your balloons have to be football shaped! Enhance your party décor when you tie balloons to chairs, tables or any prominent areas within the party. You could even use it as a table centerpiece, welcoming your guests to enjoy all of the wonderful birthday treats.

Personalized Banner

Personalize your party and let all your guests know about the special occasion with a personalized game-day banner! If your little one is a major football fan, he'll feel extra special when he sees his name spelled out on a stadium banner.




When planning a party for kids, it seems like you can't have enough napkins, plates and cups on hand. After all, football players are always hungry! There's always someone who's ready for more pizza, cake and ice cream. Stock up on all the football-themed tableware you'll need to throw a bash fit for a pro team.


Football is all about action, so make sure you have plenty at your party! Planning enough activities to keep each guest occupied can be tricky, but we've got you covered. From classic party activities like piñatas and games, to opportunities to dress up and take photos, time flies fast when you're having fun. No guest will be able to resist all the fantastic activities you have planned!


Let the kids channel their inner tackle football player when they take down this football-shaped piñata. Piñatas are a hit among kids of all ages, and this one makes it easier than ever to add an extra activity to your child's birthday party. And who wouldn't love a football full of candy?

Football Party Game

Forget pin the tail on the donkey. At a football-themed party, it's only appropriate to play "hit the target and win." Watch as your guests laugh and play while they try to get the football sticker in the right place. It's game time!

Dress Up

When you're in a room with a bunch of football players, someone has to be the ref. Let the little ones switch off wearing these football game-time trucker hats and they'll be creating picture-perfect moments.

Photo Opportunities

Bring the party to life with a personalized photo banner. Snap a picture of each guest next to the banner for a fun keepsake they'll love to take home.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Don't plan to succeed. Work to succeed!"

"Some wish for it, we work for it."

"One team, one dream."

"Play like a champion today."

"A team above all. Above all a team."

"The harder you work, the harder it is to lose."

"Victory requires payment in advance."

"Work hard, hit hard, play hard."


Party Favors

Make your football party one to remember. Let your guests bring the party home to their families! Forget your worries about coming up with ideas for party favors. Here you'll find already-organized favor packs and boxes! Treats, cupcake boxes, tattoos and knickknacks galore make your party the talk of the town, until you start the planning for next year!

  • Favor Boxes

    Game time doesn't have to end when the party's over. Send your guests home with fun-filled party favor boxes and they'll have enough toys and treats to last until the next football party!

  • Cupcake Boxes

    Let your guests safely bring home a sweet treat with these football-themed cupcake boxes. Your precious cupcakes will stay protected until your guests can enjoy them at home!

  • Tattoos

    What kid doesn't love temporary tattoos? And what parents doesn't love that these ones wash off in water? Temporary tattoos make the perfect addition to your take-home treat bag.


Personalize It!

Birthdays are a celebration of another year in your child's life, and you know he deserves only the best. Why not go all out with personalization on all your party materials? Customize your banners, plates, centerpieces and favor boxes with photos, names, sayings or anything else that would add to the celebration.


This personalized banner not only fits your party theme, but it puts the guest of honor's name on display! Use it to announce the special occasion to all who enter your party area.


A birthday party isn't complete without delicious treats and snacks! Why not let your guests enjoy them on personalized football-themed plates with a picture or memorable message?


Put the finishing touches on your party décor with a fabulous table centerpiece. Adding a personalized message or picture of your child will make the day even more special.

Favor Boxes

Make your party favors stand out with a fun message to thank your friends for coming out to celebrate! These boxes make excellent keepsakes so the memories never end.


Thank–You Notes

And don't forget about the final aspect of your party: the original or personalized thank you notes! The birthday boy will love being able to write out his own cards and your guests will love receiving such a thoughtful gesture.