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    Bowling party supplies give the little roller in your household the perfect birthday surprise! Buy from BirthdayExpress.com to put a unique spin on your child’s celebration!

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Bowling Theme Parties

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We'll set 'em up, you knock 'em down!

The history of bowling dates back centuries. Ancient Egyptians, in their infinite wisdom, played a variation of the game as early as almost 5,000 years ago. Though the game has changed a lot since then, it's been a tremendously popular pastime here in the United States for over 100 years. It's simple and fun for all ages and, if we do say so ourselves, makes for one rolling good birthday party! Whether you want to celebrate at home in the backyard or at the local lanes down the road, our Bowling Party supplies are sure to strike up some big-time fun.

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    We firmly believe that creativity is the essence of a great party. As you plan your child's special day, check out our Ideas Blog for helpful hints and cool tips. We've thrown a party or two in our day and have come up with some great ways to make your bowling party extra fun!

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    Planning Tip

    Each party is a little different, especially in terms of location. If you want to have your bowling party at a bowling alley (I mean, why wouldn't you?) or another location, make sure it's available the day you'd like to have the party and reserve it as soon as you can.

  • Send The

    Once you have the date and location all set, announce the day in style! These clever Bowling Invitations give your guests all the party details and they do so in party style as well. This colorful invite pops with the bowling theme and features lots of room to fill your guests in on all the specifics on the back.



Deck the lanes! Though the location might hint at the theme, the accessories really tie it all together. If you're throwing your bowling party at home or you've got a table reserved over at your favorite neighborhood bowling alley, the decorations can catch the eye and make the day as festive as you want it to be. Our collection of Bowling Party decorations allow you to fully customize the party for your child and create an ultra-fun environment for all your guests. And if you're hosting your party in a public place, we've got just the beautifications you need to give your area a truly personal touch.


Think of the centerpiece as the head pin; it holds the key to unlocking the fate of the other nine. Knock that one down, and you're in strike territory! This cardboard centerpiece measures about 10" x 13" and pops with color as it adorns your main table.


No matter where you have the festivities, nothing will mark the spot better than a bright birthday banner! The Bowling Personalized Vinyl Banner is a customizable theme-shouter you can place almost anywhere. It's made of a heavy-duty vinyl and comes with four metal grommets for easy hanging.




Sure. You COULD have your guests eat their cake and ice cream off plain old paper plates and dab the corners of their mouths with regular paper napkins. But that would be like going for the easy pin instead of daring to pick up the split for the spare! This is a bowling party, after all! You and your guests are having such a good time and you can keep that fun rolling down the lane with our huge assortment of bowling-themed tableware. Our bowling cups, plates and napkins offer a sure-fire way to keep everyone excited about the motif of the day and ready for more.


There are certain elements that make a good party, such as tasty food and cool decorations. But here at BirthdayExpress, we go for great. One way to ensure you've got a great birthday party is to have some fun stuff for your guests to do. And you're in luck because you're throwing a party with an awesome activity right in the theme: bowling! No matter where you're hosting the gathering, you can bring the theme with you, along with some other really great activities to give your child and your guests a fun and memorable day at the lanes.


Gear up for a rousing good time with the all-inclusive Bowling Party Piñata Kit. It comes complete with a pull-string piñata, candy and toy fillers, a blindfold and buster. Those stylish bowling shoes aren't required for this birthday activity, but wearing your party pants is highly encouraged.

Activity Placemats

After the delicious food is served, your next activity will be easier than a 7-10 split. And I mean MUCH easier than a 7-10 split. The Bowling Activity Placemat comes with four paper placemats with fun games and puzzles on the back, plus four boxes of crayons for lots of post-meal entertainment.

Mini Bowling Game

You may be asking, "But how do I incorporate a bowling activity if we're having a pool party?" Great question. Bam! Our Mini Bowling Game Sets are the perfect bowling addition to your other aquatic activities. Order either one or a set of eight to get everyone in on the fun!

Bowling Game Set

If you've got some youngsters running around and they can't quite fit into those stylish bowling shoes, the Bowling Game Set is a fun way to play around and do it from the comfort of your own living room or backyard! It comes with ten colorful plastic pins and a plastic ball for hours of bowling fun.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Just keep on rollin'."

"Let the pins fall where they may."

"Don't stop now, you're on a roll!"

"I hear the bowling thunder."

"I'm on a roll."

"This game is right up my alley!"

"Bowlers always have time to spare."

"Not a moment to spare!"


Party Favors

There are so many things that make a birthday party memorable. Delicious food, vibrant decorations, fun activities, and your close friends and family all play significant roles in how much fun your party is. But we encourage you to go one step further and send your guests home with a little keepsake to remember the party for just a little while longer. We have several really cool things for your guests to take home, all related to the crazy fun bowling theme. One look at these and you'll see you won't be sending anyone home with a gutter ball.

  • Filled Favor

    We love making things easier for you. That's why we've assembled an awesome Bowling Party Filled Favor Box that comes fully loaded and ready to hand out. It features a sticker sheet, a mini bowling game set, a color glow stick and a bowling key chain. It's the perfect parting gift for your new bowling buddies.

  • Mini Bowling Party
    Game Set

    This is an awesome and interactive party favor for your guests that just don't get enough bowling fun at the party. This Mini Bowling Party Game Set includes 10 one-inch plastic pins and a small bowling ball. It's something the kids can with play during the festivities to keep the party rolling when they get home.

  • Bowling Pin

    Now these we really love. The Bowling Pin Keychain is an awesome way to carry the good times wherever you go! They measure about 2.5" tall and make the perfect addition to any keychain, plus they are such a simple and fun way for your guests to remember the good times they had celebrating your child's big day.