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Gold Party Themes

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"Your celebration will be be good as gold when you shop at BirthdayExpress.com.

Glittering Gold solid color decorations and supplies are sophisticated and timeless, making them perfect for any party. Your friends and family will think you've invited Midas to your party when really you just used BirthdayExpress.com to plan your celebration. You'll get all your party basics at BirthdayExpress.com. After a few clicks of the mouse you'll have enough plates, napkins, cups and more to celebrate a party fit for a king. Whether you're having a solid gold party or you're using them to accent a theme, you cannot go wrong with Glittering Gold solid color supplies. Party planning can be stressful. Instead of tracking down sale items in the same color at store after store, shop at BirthdayExpress.com. You'll get the look of 24-karat supplies without paying that price, and you can plan the entire celebration from your home. You'll complete all your shopping with a few clicks of your mouse. Party packs are even easier. Try a party-in-a-box, which contains the supplies you need for a great party. Party planning has never been so convenient. Celebrate in style using Glittering Gold solid color supplies and decorations. Your party will be worth its weight in gold by the time you finish planning. You'll love how easy party planning is at BirthdayExpress.com. "