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Sharks in the Water

Is the anticipation of Shark Week killing you? Make a splash with your friends by throwing a party that celebrates everything shark with our inspired decorations and tableware.

Sharks in the Water Party Supplies

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Like Jaws, your party is steadily approaching, and you want your summer party to be as exciting as the life of the ocean predator you are celebrating. If party planning has caught you off guard, don't worry—our party supplies will come to your rescue. We've already done the leg work by putting all the supplies you need to throw a great party in one package, and we'll get it to you in plenty of time without taking too big of a bite out of your budget.




Create an underwater world in your living room or backyard with our decorations honoring one of the greatest hunters of sea. Swim through a sea of balloons and cutouts floating around the room and make your guests feel like they are observing the ocean habitat from the inside. With figurines and centerpieces, the theme will be front and center, keeping the atmosphere swimming with excitement. Pass out loot bags for your guests as a souvenir of their underwater adventure.




The theme will continue to the table filled with festive foods and drinks you can sink your teeth into. It's just more fun to pour your Bloody Mary into a cup featuring the great ocean beast of honor, or scoop your seaweed dip onto a plate with images of jaws ready to feast. The Great White cake looks like it's ready to burst through the matching tablecloth it's sitting on. With our collection of party supplies, you'll feel safe knowing that even with a busy schedule and limited budget, you can plan a party to impress in no time.