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Paris Damask

Paris Damask party supplies bring the beauty and mystery of France to her next birthday celebration. No passport required!

Paris Damask Party Supplies

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Paris Damask

Ideas and inspiration on how to make your child's birthday party extra-special.

Bienvenue à Paris! Take your "oui" mademoiselle on a trip to the City of Light without leaving the comfort of your own home. Enlighten her imagination with these perfectly pink party supplies that feature Paris’ iconic Eiffel tower, stunning script and beautiful pink and black accents, like bows, flowers, poodles and fleur de lis. She’ll feel like she stepped off her doorstep and onto the Champs-Élysées! Make your little fashionista’s big day Parisian-perfect with this belle fête brought to you by the party experts at Birthday Express.

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    Visit the Birthday Express Ideas blog for more ideas and inspiration on how to plan a perfectly pink, Paris Damask birthday party for your wee chéri. You’ll find everything you need to create a unique celebration that will make your little lady feel special!

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    Planning Tip

    About a month prior to your fantastic fête, order your Paris Damask party supplies from BirthdayExpress.com. Browse our excellent assortment that includes dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups and more. Or try a Party in a Box, the most convenient way to shop and stay within your budget.

  • Send
    the Invites

    Looking for a fun, exicting way to send invitations for your party? With PercyVites, you can make an custom video invitation to match your Paris Damask party! Guests can go on a Parisian adventure as they view your video invitation and discover the details of your Paris Damask birthday party.



Transform your home into the City of Light with decorations that are c’est magnifique!

D.I.Y. Wall Decorations

Make her Paris Damask birthday party unique with D.I.Y. wall decorations you’ll only find at BirthdayExpress.com. This fun, fantastic project features a variety of multicolored fans of varying sizes, and is sure to make your home Parisian-perfect. Step-by-step instructions make setup easier than ever.

D.I.Y. Room Decorations

Add a touch of “je ne sais quoi” to your home with D.I.Y. Paris Damask room decorations exclusively from BirthdayExpress.com. Black-and-white lanterns coupled with pink and white fans and a touch of whimsy to your party decorations, and we’ve included a list of materials and instructions for ultimate ease.

D.I.Y. Table Decorations

Set a stunning table with D.I.Y. Paris Damask table decorations. The party experts at Birthday Express curated these delightful decorations with your wee chéri in mind, and we know she’ll love partying Parisian-style with an Eiffel Tower centerpiece, pretty pink cupcake boxes and more.


Creating a celebration worthy for your Parisian princess and her favorite fashionistas means setting a table worthy of some of France’s most delectable delicacies. Paris Damask plates, napkins and cups are essential, but add a touch of fashionable flair with Paris Damask centerpieces, and make your scene stunning.




Set a table fit for your fashionista and her friends with Paris Damask tableware. Set each place with a dinner plate, dessert plate, cup, napkins and coordinating cutlery for a spread you’ll only find in the most chic of cafes in Paris. For ultimate ease, select the Paris Damask Value Party Pack, which contains all of the essentials you need to host the perfect Parisian party. One click bundles the basics, including invitations, tableware, a tablecover, candles, balloons, curling ribbon and crepe paper, saving you up to 30%. Or, for smaller, everyday celebrations, try the Paris Damask Snack Party Pack. No matter what your party size or budget, it’s easy to set a table that will have your little lady saying, “oui, mama!”


Keep little fashionistas busy with games, activities, dress up and more!


Make a plan for playtime with a Paris Damask piñata, exclusively from BirthdayExpress.com. Little ladies will love getting their hands on sweet treats, and it’ll keep them occupied while busy moms tend to other party details. For ultimate ease, choose a Paris Damask Express Value Pinata Kit, which includes all of the essentials.


Give guests another fun activity, and have your little mademoiselle and her friends try their hands at Paris Damask activity placemats. Birthday Express’ original package includes four paper placemats with fun activities, games and puzzles printed on the back. Or, upgrade to the Express Value placemat kits, which include crayons.

Photo Booth Kits

Say “au revoir” to so-so parties and “bonjour” to fun with a Paris Damask Photo Booth Kit that you’ll only find at BirthdayExpress.com. It’s easy to capture special memories with a kit this cute; choose from a variety of props like an antique frame, Eiffel Tower standup, pink backdrop and fun accessories.

Dress Up

Transform your home into the fashion capital of the world and plan a stylish celebration that’s en vogue. Help your wee chéri play the part of Paris runway fashion model with adorable, authentic accessories, like a beret, string of pearls, white elbow gloves, 1950s sunglasses and so much more. She’ll look like she stepped right off the streets of Paris!


Parisian Phrases

Try these fun, French phrases at your Paris Damask celebration.

Mon chéri = My sweet
Pronunciation: moh share-ee

Je ne sais quoi = I don’t know what (“She has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi!’”)
Pronunciation: zhay nay say pah

Mademoiselle = Miss (title)
Pronunciation: mah-day-mwah-sell

Très bien = Very good
Pronunciation: tray bee-en

Bienvenue = Welcome
Pronunciation: bee-on-ven-oo

Bonjour = Hello / Good day
Pronunciation: Bone-zhur

Au revoir = Goodbye
Pronunciation: Aw rev-wah

S’il vous plait = Please
Pronunciation: see voo play

Merci beaucoup = Thank you very much
Pronunciation: mehr-see boh-coo

Oui = Yes
Pronunciation: wee

Non = No
Pronunciation: no

Enchanté = Nice to meet you
Pronunciation: on-shon-tay

Voilà = There it is! / There you have it!
Pronunciation: vwah-lah

Je t’aime = I love you
Pronunciation: zhay tah-may


Party Favors

Send little ladies home with a piece of Paris with pretty party favors!

  • Cupcake Wrapper
    & Box Kits

    Celebratory confections should look as sweet as your wee chéri. Treat your little mademoiselle and her guests to cupcakes that would make any French pastry chef smile. Paris Damask cupcake wrappers, boxes and kits in Parisian-perfect pink are très bien for your chic celebration.

  • D.I.Y. Lollipop
    Favor Buckets

    Who says centerpieces can’t double as party favors? Add a little “ooh la la” your Parisian-perfect décor and send little fashionistas home happy with a lollipop sweet treat. Birthday Express’ own D.I.Y. Paris Damask Favor Bucket Décor comes complete with a list of included materials and step-by-step instructions.

  • Favor

    BirthdayExpress.com’s Express Value Packs make it easier than ever to complement your party décor. Send guests home happy with the Paris Damask Filled Party Favor Box, which comes complete with a Paris Damask blowout, Paris Damask sticker sheet and so much more.


Personalize It!

Personalize her Paris Damask party and make her feel like the star of the fashion show!


Shout from the rooftops of the streets of the City of Light that it is your little mademoiselle’s birthday! There is no better way to make her feel special than with a perfectly pink Paris Damask birthday banner. Our original banner features pink and black damask detailing, accented by the Eiffel Tower and other French scenery. Or, use BirthdayExpress.com’s easy tool to upload your favorite photo of the birthday girl. Add a personalized message, and you’re ready!


Set a stunning table with perfectly pink Paris Damask plates that are sure to please. Every French fashionista should dine on coq au vin, baguettes and croissants on these beautiful black and pink dinner plates. The pink border is accented by black damask, and frames a delightful Parisian scene. Then, it’s time to eat cake on plates with a pink-on-pink damask and striped border, surrounding Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower. For a day that’s très bien, personalize your Paris Damask dinner plates with a picture of the birthday girl. She’ll love seeing her smiling face everywhere she looks!


Perfect your Parisian party with Paris Damask centerpieces that have a certain “je ne sais quoi.” The Paris Damask Eiffel Tower centerpiece adds fantastic French flair, but we recommend adding a little something extra. Use BirthdayExpress.com’s handy tool to upload a picture of your sweet chéri, and have it printed on our personalized Paris Damask centerpiece.

Favor Boxes

Say “merci beaucoup” to your “oui” mademoiselle’s friends with a personalized Paris Damask Party Favor Box, featuring your favorite photo of your Parisian princess. They’re perfect for storing fun, fashionable finds that all of your chic cuties are sure to love.


Invitations and Thank–You Notes

Send guests a Paris Damask invitation as an elegant way to introduce your party theme. Our thank-you notes are the perfect way to say "merci beaucoup" to her friends and put the finishing touches on your Paris Damask celebration.


Send pretty, pink Paris Damask invitations to all of your little lady’s friends. Choose from BirthdayExpress.com’s original invitations, which say “A Parisian party!” on the inside, or make your mademoiselle feel extra-special with personalized invites that feature a picture of her smiling face. BirthdayExpress.com’s Paris Damask thank-you notes feature pink and black damask and fleur de lis detailing and pink stripes around an iconic Parisian scene. Nothing portrays the City of Light better than the Eiffel Tower and a fashionista walking her poodle! For an even more special touch, choose personalized Paris Damask thank-you notes, which feature your daughter’s smiling face on the front, framed by pink-on-pink stripes and damask details. A printed black bow adds the perfect finishing touch. Voila!