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    Celebrate your little one’s first year on the throne with Lil’ Prince party supplies.                                                               

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Lil' Prince Party Supplies

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Lil' Prince 1st

Enjoy a Royal Celebration with the Lil' Prince 1st Birthday

You know your little man is destined for great things, so make sure every celebration is worthy of a king. While he may not be in line for the throne, you can certainly treat him like he is for the day. Make his first birthday party extra special by throwing a bash that will go down in the history books. Invite the entire royal court, turn his high chair in to a throne and make sure your guests are able to enjoy the finer things in life for a day. We may not be true royalty, but it never hurts to treat yourself like you are.

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    If you are stuck on menu items, games or décor, scan our Birthday Express Ideas Blog. You can make small tweaks to any idea to make it fit your Lil' Prince party. It is a bit like having your own royal secretary.

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    Planning Tip

    You never see a king or queen rushing around at the last minute to put the finishing touches on anything, so keep your royal composure by planning out every detail of your party well in advance. Prep all the food the day before and then refrigerate it, and set up the party décor a day in advance, too. This way, you will be able to focus on greeting your guests rather than pulling together last-minute details.

  • Send The

    You may not need to send messengers on horseback to deliver the invitation, but you do need to let guests know when to expect this amazing celebration to take place so they can save the date on the calendar. These playful invitations keep the mood light, just like your celebration. With line-by-line details, guests will know exactly what to expect.



Gold and gems may make a man rich in wealth, but family and friends will make him rich in heart. Your home will feel like the most luxurious castle with all of the love that fills it up on this special day. With that in mind, you don't need a bunch of ostentatious decorations to complete your royal theme. Instead, bring in a few simple and heartfelt accents that will put a brilliant smile on your lil' prince's face. Bold colors and fun designs will be sure to bring a sparkle to his eyes.


Protect your family's dining table from spills and splashes while creating a celebratory atmosphere. This plastic tablecover will tie the whole theme together so you can enjoy the worry-free attitude of the royal family.


If there is one thing about royalty it is that they don't need to spare any expense. Set your lil' prince apart from the crowd by flying his name high above the party and greet guests with a welcome banner they won't forget.




No matter what age your guests are, they will all appreciate a cohesive theme with fun patterns and handsome colors. Make the most popular table at the party stand out so guests can graze on hors d' oeuvres and sip refreshing beverages at their leisure. Just be sure to sound the trumpets when it is time for cake!


Keep guests smiling with plenty of games and activities. The receiving line to greet his majesty will only keep them occupied for so long. Once everyone has caught up and said hello, usher them off to the fun and games that the little ones can play with one another. Be sure to have games that suit a variety of all ages, because everyone knows a prince has friends in all age groups.


Take a swing at this crown piñata and get ready for the treasure to break free. Fill it up with chocolate coins, ring pops, candy necklaces and other goodies that are surely worth their weight in sugar!

Photo Opportunities

Let guests play the part of royalty as well with a “King and Queen for a Day” photo area. Offer plenty of props to get all dolled up and smile for the camera. You can even outfit the hosts with Lil' Prince birthday shirts that will certainly make them say cheese!



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"It's always a treat to wish a happy birthday to someone so sweet."

"Treat yourself like royalty."

"Always wear your invisible crown."

"Keep calm and put your crown on."

"In the past people were born royal, now royalty comes from what you do."

"Protect the crown jewels!"

"Being happy is better than being a king."

"The true royalty have no servants, but serve others."


Party Favors

Guests will feel like they are just as special as the lil' prince when they are handed these fantastic party favors. From overflowing favor boxes to wearable gifts, your guests will all leave wearing beaming smiles.

  • Cupcake Boxes

    There can never be too many cupcakes … until there are too many leftover cupcakes. Send guests home with an extra-sweet treat that they can share with their sweetie.

  • Cone Hats

    You may not be the prince with the crown, but that doesn't mean your head needs to go unadorned. Celebrate in style with these cone party hats.

  • Favor Boxes

    Dig around to see what treasures the prince himself bestowed upon you. With plenty of fun and games to keep you occupied, your little one will be as happy as can be.


Personalize It!

Your little man gets only one 1st birthday, so make it extra special. Deck your house to the nines and make that photo album something extra special that he can look back on fondly. With personalized décor from wall to wall, he will know that he truly is a prince in your eyes.


All hail the little prince! This personalized banner will let guests know that his majesty is ready for a celebration in his name.


Let them eat cake, he proclaimed! Whether it is on the personalized plates or on your Lil' Prince himself, there is sure to be cake all over his face by the end of the party.


Leave no table undecorated. Make sure your guests see the lil' Prince's face whether they are greeting him on his throne or sitting at their own table. Get these personalized centerpieces to complete the look.

Favor Boxes

Take a little bit of the cuteness home with you. Decorate the favor boxes with a personalized picture of the little man on his big day.


Thank–You Notes

This day wouldn't be half as special without the friends and family who helped you celebrate. Give them a royal thank you with a personalized note that formally expresses your heartfelt gratitude. After all, it is our relationships and loved ones that make us so rich!