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Everything One Boy

The first of many great birthdays to come.

It seems like it was only yesterday that you took him home from the hospital. Time has never moved so quickly, and it's probably hard to believe that he's already turning one year old. Though he probably can't speak yet to tell you what he wants, you'll want to make this a special day full of smiles and love. We at Birthday Express know this special occasion requires some unique planning on your part, so we're here to help. With planning tips, decorations and a host of personalized party supplies, everything you need for this special day can be found here.

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    At Birthday Express, we've collected a number of tips and ideas from our staff and parents across the country to help you plan for your kid's birthday party. Visit the party ideas blog to find the inspiration you need.

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    Planning Tip

    Keep the party small. The star of the party could get quickly overwhelmed if there are too many people around. Of the people you do invite, make sure you have friends or family members who are good with kids so you too can enjoy the party!

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    Let friends and family know about your little guy's party with these brightly colored birthday invitations. Invitations are a traditional and memorable way to announce the party, and they go a lot further than a phone call or email. Each package includes 8 invitations and envelopes.



We've based the theme and style of your boy's first birthday party around the simple but traditional color of blue. The combination of royal blue, white and baby blue creates a definite flavor for your little boy blue's first party. With a wide variety of party decorations, you'll be sure to find everything you need to transform your house and yard into a wonderful place of celebration that will bring a big smile to his adorable face!


By now you've probably learned, little guys can create a big mess! And when there's a bunch of them munching on cake at your table, you'd better be prepared. This easy-to-use disposable tablecloth measures approximately 54" high and 108" wide.


We've made it easy for you to create the perfect party banner for your child! You choose the font, font color and write the message, and before you order, you can preview it to make sure everything is just right. It's never been so easy to make your party stand out.




To make your table ready for your one-year-old king, you'll need the royal blue tableware to create a perfect atmosphere for your special guy's party. We've put our signature design on all the tableware so everything will match. The paper plates and napkins feature a prominent “1” to mark the occasion, and the cups display the word “one,” too. All these festive items are made to delight, and because they're disposable, they'll make your day easier.


When your little guy turns one, everything is still new and fresh. It's hard for him not to look at everything with a big wondrous smile (and, unfortunately, put it in his mouth!) Every day is an activity in itself! So, for his special first birthday party, you'll want to have a few simple and fun things ready to excite him and make this a day you'll always remember. To do this, we've assembled some adorable activities to show the love you have for your little man!


When you turn one, it's expected that you'll probably wear as much cake as you get in your mouth. It's part of the joy of being young. Our cake bib will help defer some of the mess while keeping things fun!


Nothing says birthday party like a blowout! And this blowout will get the party, and all parties to come, started with a bang! Because of their large size, they are great for little fingers. Each package comes with 8 blowouts and 8 medallions.

Cone Hats

These silly cone hats are perfect for your little one-year-old to wear. Guests and other adults can don them as well. The result: a whole lot of smiles. These cone hats come in packs of 8 and all of them have elastic chinstraps.

Signature Matte

There's no better way to save and display the love your friends and family have for your son than by having them sign this blue matte. It fits a 3.25" x 5.25" photo and comes with a white 11" x 14" frame.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"A little cake, a lot of fun. A little host who's turning ONE!"

"This is just the first of many "happy birthdays" for you. Have a deliciously fun 1st birthday, little cutie!"

"Our little all-star is about to turn ONE. So we're having a party that's sure to be fun!"

"You are ONE cool little kid! Happy first!"

"Hurry, hurry don't be late. We need you here to celebrate!"

"Happy Birthday, now that you're one, maybe you can stop eating the sand in the sandbox!"

"How amazing you're already One. What a precious person you've become."

"Wishing you a Onederfully, birthday full of Oneder"


Party Favors

Your son's first birthday party is bound to be a hit. With his adorable face and the smiles of all his little friends, who couldn't have a great time? To share the love with your friends and family who came out to celebrate, and to show the other little ones how much you value their friendship, you'll want to send people home with some party favors so they won't forget the special day. At Birthday Express, we have the coolest favors on the market!

  • Cupcake Wrapper
    & Box Kit

    What's better than eating a cupcake at a party? Easy: Going home with a cupcake! These decorated boxes make it easy to package up the delicious dessert for the ride home. Each set comes with 8 cupcake boxes and 12 cupcake wrappers.

  • Filled Favor

    Here's a box that is sure to keep them busy. This box has all the goodies a one-year-old needs for some creative fun. With 4 crayons, an activity book, colored dough, a bouncy ball and more, this is the simple way to make sure all the kids leave with something fun.

  • Plastic

    This festive tumbler is made of BPA-free plastic and designed for children 12 months or younger. It's the perfect sippy cup and bound to become their favorite way to take a drink for some time! You can buy them individually or in sets of 8.


Personalize It!

Your guy seems to amaze you with everything he does. It's all so unique and unexpected. That's why for his first birthday you want to throw him a standout party. After all, he's a standout guy! We've made it easy to do just that. With a line of party supplies that are easy to personalize, you can be sure that the unique smile and qualities of the guy you love so much appear all over the party.


You can decorate this banner with your favorite high-definition photo and a completely customizable message. You choose the font and font color, add the photo, preview it on your computer and we'll do the rest. It's that easy!


Your little guy will laugh and giggle with glee when he sees his face in the plate he's about to eat off! We can even customize the plate with a message and font style of your choosing. With so many options, you can be sure it will come out perfectly!


Your son is at the center of the day, but what is on the center of the table? You can customize this centerpiece with a family picture or your son's portrait and include a personalized message.

Favor Boxes

Here's a way to send your guests home with some unique flare that will remind them of your son's party. This favor box can be filled with a number of gifts and with the personalized message and picture you select. It will surely make a big impression.