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    Join Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully on a pirate-themed birthday adventure with officially licensed Jake and the Never Land Pirates party supplies.

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party Supplies

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Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Celebrate your birthday with Jake and Izzy

No need to search for the treasure, this party is it. “X” marks the spot on the best tableware, accent pieces and party favors. All of your little one's friends will be in awe of how their favorite show came to life, and parents will get a flashback to the tale of Peter Pan. Jump aboard your own pirate ship and sail to Neverland with enough courage to take on Captain Hook. These decorations don't give your little ones the confidence and courage they already have, but they will let their imaginations run wild. They will have so much fun running around their Neverland-themed party with their favorite pirates in the background, they'll never want it to end.

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    Searching the bottom of the ocean for party ideas? Turn the day into one big treasure hunt! Your little guests will love the adventure and it will give them something to work toward. Who knows, maybe you can even hide a piece of "gold" inside the cake. Get inspiration that you can borrow from other great parties through the Birthday Express idea blog. Just tweak a few details to make it fit your Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme.

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    Planning Tip

    Prepping for your little one's celebration doesn't need to cause stress. With a few pre-planning tips and the right tools, you can throw the perfect party without a hitch. Make sure you have all the food and treats prepped before the little ones arrive so you can keep your attention on the activities.

  • Send The

    Grab their attention by waving the pirate flag high. Make sure everyone on the guest list is enticed to attend the big bash right away. Starting from the moment they open the invitation, they will be eager to get the party started.



Kids tend to be very visually stimulated. Make sure every aspect of your party is as bright and colorful as the TV show itself. Jake and his crew of pirates will mark the scene with familiar faces that your partygoers will love. Decorate the party with the perfect accents from top to bottom and start to finish. The kids will feel like they are on an adventure in Neverland and will be ready to take on the Hook or let their imaginations lead the way to the treasure.

Balloon Bouquet

While most pirates travel by sea, you may want to take flight after seeing this amazing balloon bouquet. Whether you set it up as a centerpiece on the celebration table or you use it to mark the entrance of the party, the balloons will grab your guests' attention and make them smile.

Wall Decals

Don't let your walls look drab while the party is in full swing. Dress them up with lively decals that will bring Jake and the Neverland Pirates to life. Kids will get a kick out of seeing decorations in unexpected places like on the door on their way into the house or guarding over the cake to make sure no one digs in early.




After sailing the seven seas and working to outsmart Captain Hook to find the hidden treasure, your little pirates will work up quite the appetite. Keep the theme consistent throughout your entire party with festive tableware. As a bonus, you won't have to do any dishes!


Keep the party going day and night with enough activities to keep the entire crew cheering and jumping for joy. Get creative with pirate-themed games like treasure hunts, memory puzzles, capture the flag and any number of crafts. You could create your own pirate flags or craft a ship from popsicle sticks – the options are endless. Don't rock the boat and be sure to play fair, or else you may have to walk the plank!


While your little pirates may not be wielding swords, they can take a swing at the treasure chest piñata with a stick. Try hard to crack it open to see what treasures await inside.

Photo Opportunities

Give your guests something to remember the day by with a photo favor. Get friends to pose together in their best pirate attire and say “cheese” for the camera. This photbooth kit will keep them smiling all day long.

Award Ribbons

Yo ho, way to go! Celebrate like a pirate with Jake and the Never Land Pirates Award Ribbons. These award ribbons are perfect for the birthday child, party games, costume contests, best pirate talk, and other birthday party activities. The award has a safety pin on the back to hold the ribbon in place.

Dress Up

If you are going to play the part, you may as well look the part, too. Make your bash a themed event including costumes for everyone in attendance. Everyone will love choosing his or her favorite character to dress up as.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Weigh anchor - Let's go!"

"Yo-ho-ho - Salutation"

"Jolly Roger - The well-known pirate flag"

"Blimey! - Expression of surprise"

"Shiver me timbers - Idiom for surprise, shock"

"Matey - A companion"

"Lad - A younger person"

"Head - The pirate ship's toilet"


Party Favors

Give your little pirates something of their own to treasure so they don't have to plunder the party for favors. From sweet treats to fun games, there is something for everyone. You can either choose to give guests a grab bag of gifts or pick one or two items that really get to the essence of your party. Since they know they will be handsomely rewarded for a job well done, they will give it their all when they take on Captain Hook and defend Neverland with their wit and courage.

  • Cupcake Wrapper & Pick Kit

    Give those extra cupcakes a good home. Wrap up your extras in a to-go box and let the adorable Neverland-themed wrappers and picks jog your guests memory of the sweet time they had at the birthday bash.

  • Filled Favor

    No need to hunt for treasures to fill this chest. The party favor box comes filled with pirate booty like a bandana, monocular and fun games to keep the entertainment lasting long after the party has ended. You will love that this pre-filled box checks one more to-do item off your list before the party starts!

  • Filled Favor

    Dig into all of the best pirate booty inside this never-ending party favor bucket. With the most spot-on pirate attire like a hook hand, eye patch and monocular, your little ones will be eager to play the part. The great thing about this favor is that once your little ones have emptied the bucket of all their treats and favors, it can go into the sandbox to help them build a pirate ship of their own.