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    May the force be with you as you plan your pint-sized Stormtrooper's next Star Wars Rebels birthday bash with a little help from BirthdayExpress.com. Grab your Lightsaber and get ready!

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Star Wars Rebels

May the force be with your child's party

From the original film to the Rebels cartoon, the Star Wars universe is an icon of pop culture. The noble Jedi, the glow of a lightsaber and, of course, the power of the force that exists in everything. Whether your child is already a Jedi knight or an aspiring Padawan learner, if the force is strong with them, celebrate by debuting a Star Wars themed party. Birthday Express has the items you need to make the event a blockbuster, including tableware, activities, decorations and party favors. Start your planning today, and may the force be with you.

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    Create a galaxy far, far away by inviting guests to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters and playing the movie's soundtrack. An empty trash can makes for a handy lightsaber storage container, and don't be afraid to cover the walls with images of all the crazy creatures that inhabit the Star Wars universe to make your home into a little cantina.

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    Planning Tip

    You don't have time to travel to a galaxy far, far away to find everything you need for a great party, so let Birthday Express help. Our all-in-one Star Wars Rebels Party in a Box is everything you need to entertain the little Jedis, Storm troopers and who-knows-whats landing at your planet shortly.

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    Invite your child's friends to join the rebellion with our Star Wars Rebels invitations. A colorful image of the series' iconic characters graces the front in true Star Wars colleague fashion, and the backside is the perfect place to provide all the information an empire-denouncing rebel would need to know.



The right decorations can make your party space feel like a whole other world – perfect for the Jedi, Sith and Storm Troopers to call home. We have the table covers, banners, balloons and swirls you need to bring the Star Wars universe home. You can even ask Darth Vader or Yoda to hold the candy bowl for you. So start shopping today to find the perfect Star Wars Rebels themed decorations for your child's party. The galaxy's a big place and your party decoration options are limited only by your imagination.

Balloon Bouquet

Rebel or Imperial, there's something for everyone in the Star Wars Rebels Balloon Bouquet. This collection includes two balloons showcasing the show's heroic and villainous characters, as well as two metallic star balloons and six black balloons. Colorful ribbon and a helpful balloon weight are included as well.

Hanging Swirls

Create the perfect Star Wars Rebels look with our hanging swirls package. Colorful swirls hang over head, some adorned with cutouts of the show's iconic ships, allowing them to soar just as they do in the cartoon. Character cutouts are included as well, ensuring that everyone appears in the scene.




You never know what type of crazy creatures will sit down to the table at a Star Wars party, but at least you can ensure they have everything they need to enjoy their stay. Birthday Express' Star Wars Rebels tableware sets include plates, napkins, cups and plastic ware. A table cover completes the look perfectly. Set your table today and whether your guests eat with utensils, their hands or their tentacles, everyone is bound to have a great time.


Who's ready for a real Jedi adventure? Your guests will be prepared when the meal's all said and done. But if you're trying to find the perfect Star Wars activity, Birthday Express may be your only hope. We have Star Wars Rebels' themed activity ideas for every rebellion. From piñatas and blowouts to photo ops and costumes, there are plenty of options for Jedi masters looking to bring the party to life for their little Padawan learner and his or her guests.


He's the most feared villain in the Star Wars universe and the mere sound of his breathing is enough to cause rebels to run in fear. He's Darth Vader and your party guests can take him on in a safe and fun manner with the Darth Vader piñata kit. Loaded with treats and easy to play, your guests won't even need a lightsaber to take down this Sith lord.


This party favor is fun in any galaxy, so make sure to include them in your Star Wars Rebels themed party. Each set includes eight Star Wars Rebels blowouts, themed with both the heroic Rebels and the evil Imperials. No matter which side your guests choose, they can all enjoy blowing them together.

Wall Decals

Get your house into character with Star Wars Rebels wall decals. Your child's favorite characters from the show come to life on a decal that streches 32.3 inches long and 16.5 inches high. And best of all, once the party is over, simply unstick the decal and your child can re-stick it in their room to keep the mission going. Package also includes two smaller wall decals.

Dress Up

Turn your party into a casting call and bring the characters of Star Wars Rebels to life with costumes from Birthday Express. We have costumes that allow your party guests to become the Jedis, Siths, Storm Troopers, aliens and allies they love from the show while carrying out the next great adventure right in your living room.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"It was different for me, Ezra. Everything was different back then. All that remains now is the Force."

"If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing!"

"May the force be with you."

"He's all yours, bounty hunter."

"We've reached the blockade."

"Zeb is the muscle of the group. He's great at smashing things, including things he doesn't mean to smash."

"This junky little astromech droid keeps the Ghost running. Lucky for him he's good at it, because he is a pain."

"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

"The force is strong with this one."


Party Favors

Another victory for the Rebels and the evil Empire has been defeated once again. Celebrating an adventure like this deserves a parting gift, and if you want to include your child's friends in the final credits, party favors are the perfect option. We have plenty of options from tattoos and blowouts to glow sticks and splat rocks, really everything you need to recognize your team of heroic rebels and send them on their way until it's time for the sequel.

  • Star Wars
    Rebels Tattoos

    Give your little Jedis a chance to wear their favorite character on their sleeve, arm, leg or wherever they choose with Star Wars Rebels tattoos. Easy to stick and available in plenty of designs your guests will love. And the good news for moms is they come off easily with soap and water.

  • Filled Favor

    When the mission is over and it's time to roll the final credits, send your child's guests away with a parting gift of Star Wars Rebels favor boxes. Each box includes a Star Wars blowout, tattoo kit, splat rock and glow stick, making it the perfect gift for any little Jedi.

  • Party Favor Value Pack

    Each of the characters in Star Wars Rebels has their own unique personality and the same is true for each of your child's party guests. Send them off with a party favor perfect for them with the Party Favor Value Pack. This pack includes 48 pieces, ensuring you'll find the perfect options for any Jedi.