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    Charge ahead and get ready for an action-packed party with Power Rangers Dino Charge! Your karate kicker’s favorite characters can’t wait to help celebrate his or her big day, and Birthday Express is here to help busy moms like you plan the ultimate Power Rangers birthday party.

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Power Rangers Party

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Power Rangers

Go, go Power Rangers! These teenagers have attitude.

They've got a power and a force that you've never seen before. They've got the ability to morph and to even up the score. Who are they? The Power Rangers, of course. Power Rangers Dino Charge is the new generation of these teens with attitude. Whether you're a Power Ranger fanatic or have one in your family, you've heard these lyrics before. Choose from one of the widest varieties of Power Ranger party supplies and accessories all in one place. You'll find everything you need to create a Turbo Megazord style party.

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    You've decided on a theme, but now it's time for party planning. Head over to the Birthday Express Ideas and Inspiration blog to get inspired and find help creating the perfect Power Ranger party. From DIYs to decorating, this blog has ideas to make the birthday boy smile.

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    Planning Tip

    Get the Power Ranger look in your own home with a DIY table runner. Start by placing black placemats in the center of the table cover. Then, cut triangles out of yellow placemats to create the distinctive zigzag design featured on the Power Ranger's uniforms.

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    Invite all your child's friends over for a Dino Charged Birthday and get all the kids excited about the exciting new incarnation of the Power Ranger series. These invitations match your party theme and come complete with red envelopes and save-the-date stickers.



As the Dino Charge story goes, 65 million years ago, the evil bounty hunter alien Sledge chased the good alien Keeper across the galaxy, causing him to crash land on planet earth. He gives the powerful ener-gems to the dinosaurs. Fast forward to the present day, a group of teenagers discover the ener-gems and transform into Power Rangers! This is such an exciting story, and everyone will love the Dino Charged decorations you put up in the party area. From balloons to table decorations, find everything you need to transform your home with Dino Charged power.

Balloon Bouquet

Add some vertical decoration to your party with a Power Rangers Dino Charge Balloon Bouquet. These make the perfect table centerpiece or chair decoration for the guest of honor. With three different types of balloons in one bouquet, this all-inclusive kit will set the scene.

Table Decorating Kit

Add some flair to a table full of little Power Rangers with this exciting table decorating kit. Start by placing the large cardboard centerpiece, then adding the two smaller pieces throughout the table. The kids will love the confetti pieces featuring their favorite Dino Charge characters.




It's not a party without tableware to eat cake and ice cream! Enjoy all your party treats with Power Rangers Dino Charge plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware. This fun themed tableware looks just right alongside your perfectly decorated table.


Keep the little Power Rangers occupied for hours with a variety of games and engaging activities. Have them act out their favorite scene from Dino Charge or share their favorite Power Ranger quotes. The kids won't be able to wait to go home and tell their families about all the fun they've had. From Piñatas to flying disc games and photo shoots, everyone will have a blast.


Dino Charge a classic party favorite will have the kids running around with glee. Not only will they have a great time, but they'll get to keep some sweet treats to take home! Don't worry about providing the candy, you'll find it all right here.

Flying Disc

Get the kids active and outside with a thrilling game of Power Ranger Frisbee. The gang is all here, displayed in action on the front of these brightly colored discs. Get one for every party guest and they'll be able to take it home to keep the party going.

Photo Opportunities

Capture everyone's attention with the Power Rangers Dino Charge AirWalker Foil Balloon. Thanks to the power of helium, this balloon can “walk” (or float) around the party room. Watch as the kids dance around with this Red Ranger and be sure to take lots of pictures!

Dress Up

Create even more photo opportunities with Power Rangers Dino Charge Paper Masks. Every child can be their favorite Power Ranger for the day with the variety of colors in this set.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"May the power protect you."

"When someone bonds to an Energem, their Zord is awakened."

"It's morphing time."

"Let's join the power of Thunder."

"Congratulations, Power Rangers. Victory is yours."

"You wanted dinosaurs? Welcome to the Power Rangers."

"Megazord sequence has been inititated."

"We need the Power Sword, now."


Party Favors

Make the Power Ranger party memories last forever when you give your guests treats and party favors to take home! Favor value packs make it easy to ensure that all your guests have the power to choose their prizes while filled favor boxes let you individualize your party favors. For extra fun, keep a few extra party favors on hand to give out to game and activity winners. You could even have a Power Ranger costume contest where everyone wins a prize! Find inspiration to impress other parents and create the perfect take-home gift.

  • Favor Value Pack

    This value pack of trinkets gives you the power to fill your guests' goodie bags with endless Power Ranger entertainment. With the Favor Value Pack, you'll have enough toys to keep your little rangers occupied for weeks.

  • Filled Favor Boxes

    Your guests will love receiving their very own filled favor box. With exciting favors like Power Rangers Dino Charge Rubber Bracelet, Paddle Ball and Flying Disc, these favor boxes provide even more entertainment for your Power Ranger party.

  • Rubber Bracelets

    Help the kids show off their Dino Charged Ranger Power with rubber bracelets featuring famous Power Ranger sayings. There's a bracelet for each of the different rangers, so guests can choose their favorite character or color. Time to get charged!