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    Throw a magical birthday bash for your little girl with officially licensed Disney Junior Doc McStuffins party supplies and décor!

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Doc McStuffins Party

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Doc McStuffins

Come party with the doctor for stuffed animals!

The doc is in! Or at least that's what everyone will be saying when they arrive at your daughter's awesome Doc McStuffins birthday party. The beloved Disney character serves as the perfect theme for your little girl's big day. Doc's caring and optimistic attitude teaches kindness as she fixes toys that have missing or broken parts. Her can-do attitude means she never gives up – making her a great role model for children of all ages. Fortunately, it's simple to transform your home into Doc's playhouse for a party your daughter will never forget. Inspiration is endless when you look to Doc and her stuffed animal friends – Stuffy the Dragon, Hallie the Hippo, Lambie the Lamb and Chilly the Snowman. With vivid colors and just a hint of purple sparkle, you'll be able to create a beautiful backdrop for the best birthday party ever!

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    Every character on the show has a unique personality. If your child has a favorite, let that character play a leading role throughout the party's decorations. Whether it's lovable Lambie, silly Stuffy or Doc herself, add a few extra pieces of decor that feature the No. 1 character. Your child will love it!

  • Quick
    Planning Tip

    You probably have a few Doc McStuffins toys around your home. Don't be afraid to use as them as part of the party decor. A strategically placed stuffed animal here and there and a few figurines placed on the accent tables will enhance the overall theme without costing you a dime.

  • Send
    the Invites

    The excitement is guaranteed to mount when you send all her little friends colorful Doc McStuffins invitations in the mail. Our beautiful invitation features Doc hugging Lambie and says, "The Doc Is In." Its colorful front just begs to be opened so the anticipation can begin.



You have the perfect theme for your little girl's big day, now it's time to bring it to life with the best decorations around. Deck out the party space in balloons, banners, table covers and more. The Doc McStuffins show features rich hues of pink, purple, turquoise and more, so the party's color palette will be packed with energy and emotion. Have the birthday girl help you select decorations so she can pick out some favorites to ensure the party is perfect in every way. It's a great way to bond and create excitement for her big day.

Doc McStuffins Balloons

Girly, bouncy and just a hint of sparkle – our balloon bouquet is sure to transform any room into party central. Our stunning bouquet features a Disney Junior Doc McStuffins foil balloon, two pink star foil balloons, six magenta with white flowers latex balloons, curling ribbon and a weight.

Doc McStuffins Banner

Make a grand statement at your party with the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins birthday banner. This beautiful banner features Doc on the left and Lambie and Stuffy on the right. They're connected by an arch that says "Happy Birthday!" in a mix of rainbow colors.




All the mini doctors and nurses at the party will get hungry after fixing up all the broken toys. When it's time to serve lunch or cut the cake, make sure you're stocked with all the right tableware. Set the stage by starting with a colorful tablecloth. Then pick up some of our fun Doc McStuffins plates, cups and napkins. The table will look so festive, the kids will sit in anxious anticipation of all the tasty treats you plan to serve. All that's left is to sing Happy Birthday and dig in!


Singing, dancing and giving checkups are Doc's favorite activities. She's always smiling and willing to offer a helping hand. When planning activities for your child's birthday party, make sure to embrace her can-do spirit so all the kids can participate. For example, set up an art table where party guests can decorate their own bandages to bring home. Another wonderful option is to host a dance party where all the kids dance to some of Doc's most famous tunes. Finish with a piñata and you'll have a party all the junior doctors will remember.


What's twirly and whirly and gives the giggles to all? A piñata! Our Disney Junior Doc McStuffins piñata Kit has everything you need for a smashing good time. The kit includes a Disney Junior Doc McStuffins pull-string piñata, candy and toy piñata fillers, blindfold and buster.

Sticker Notebook

Looking for a cute gift for all the docs-in-training at the party? Disney Junior Doc McStuffins sticker notebooks are perfect for each guest. Just as doc writes in her big book of boo-boos, the kids can scribble and draw about all those tough cases.

Wall Decals

The birthday girl will adore having a life-sized Doc gracing the wall at her party. Not only do the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins giant wall decals set the theme of the party, they're also great for photo ops. Take pictures of each child by Doc and email them to parents when the party is over.

Dress Up

What's better than a Doc McStuffins birthday party? Being able to dress as Doc for the big day! Our officially licensed Doc McStuffins costume includes a top, coat, pants, headband and toy stethoscope. She'll be cute, comfortable and the life of the party.


Doc McStuffins Phrases

"I have a diagnosis!"

"The doc is in!"

"I won't give up until I figure it out."

"You look like you could use a cuddle."

"I'm really good at fixing toys."

"Happier than a purple hippo in a hoop skirt."

"Hey, what's going on, tell me what's wrong Chilly!"

"I haven't lost a toy yet!"

"Go stuffed!"

"This is a case for the big book of boo-boos."

"It's time for your checkup!"

"It will only tickle a little."


Party Favors

Doc and her crew of stuffed animals are always having fun and sharing with each other. When the party is nearing completion, your child can take cues from Doc by handing out fun favors to show her guests she appreciates their coming to the festivities. Some great ideas for favors include bubbles, hair accessories, nail polish, coloring books and stickers. Package a few gifts together and the kids can continue the party fun when they get home. There's no better way to say "Thank you for coming!" while making each party guest feel special.

  • Filled Party
    Favor Bucket

    Don't have time to shop for the best Doc McStuffins favors? Then you need a package that includes everything to make party guests smile. Look no further than the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins filled party favor bucket. It has all sorts of goodies like a play cellphone, a headband, an activity book and more.

  • Mini Backpack
    Accessory Set

    If you want to give something special to the birthday girl and all her friends, the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins mini backpack accessory set is the perfect choice. With all the cute hair accessories she needs to feel like part of the show in a fun reusable backpack, you can bet she'll grin from ear to ear.

  • Filled Party
    Favor Box

    An adorable checkered party favor box packed with goodies is sure to make any child light up with joy. All you need is our Disney Junior Doc McStuffins filled party favor box that comes with blowouts, a sticker notebook, a hair band, a heart rainbow spring, rubber flower ring and color dough.