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Bring Joy to Your Party with an Inside Out Theme

Riley's life gets a little off track when her parents uproot her from her wonderful life in Minnesota and move to San Francisco, and her team of emotion controllers - Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger - aren't sure how to handle the changes. Joy keeps Riley happy at first, but when Joy and Sadness accidentally get thrown out of the control room, Riley's happy-go-lucky personality starts to fall apart. As Joy and Sadness search for a way back, they travel through different parts of Riley's mind, encounter her old imaginary friend, Bing Bong, and learn you can't have happiness without a little sadness.

With fun characters, witty lines, colorful locations inside the mind and a powerful story about emotions, Disney's Inside Out was a hit with both kids and adults. If your child loved the movie and won't stop talking about Joy, Sadness or Bing Bong, an Inside Out theme will make the next birthday party a huge success. Birthday Express has all the supplies you need to throw a spectacular Inside Out themed party. From decorations to tableware to party favors, Birthday Express has you covered.

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    Planning a flawless birthday party can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it alone thanks to the Birthday Express Ideas Blog. The blog contains tips for decorations, food, activities and more in order to help you prepare for every part of the big day.

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    Jot down a master list of supplies you'll need for the party and bring it with you when you shop. Party planning can be a hectic process, and having a list in hand will help you keep track of everything as the party gets closer.

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    Invite friends and family to join the fun on your child's big day with these Disney's Inside Out Invitations. Each invite features an image of Joy and Bing Bong flying the rocket wagon, along with a list of important party information so guests can prepare.



Decorations are one of the easiest ways to bring your party theme to life. Thanks to Birthday Express, a wide selection of Inside Out decorations are available to help transform your child's party into the colorful places of Riley's mind. With themed balloons, wall decals and more, your party guests can join Joy, Sadness, Bing Bong and the other inhabitants of Riley's mind as they explore Imagination Land, the Islands of Personality, Dream Production and the maze of Long Term Memory.

Balloon Bouquet

Balloons and birthday parties go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Joy and Sadness – you can't have one without the other. With the Disney Inside Out Balloon Bouquet, you don't have to settle for ordinary balloons. The themed bouquet contains two foil balloons with Inside Out characters, two hot pink star balloons and six sky blue balloons.


Disney's Inside Out Plastic Tablecover will bring a festive flair to your party and keep tabletops clean so you don't have to worry about cleaning up messes when the party is over. The colorful tablecover features Riley's team of emotion controllers and her childhood imaginary friend, Bing Bong.




When you're planning decorations, don't forget about the dining table. Birthday Express has Inside Out tableware so your table can serve as a canvas for more themed decorations. Start with Disney's Inside Out Plastic Tablecover as the foundation and use the themed dinner plates, napkins and plastic cups to set the table. The Inside Out Square Dessert Plates are even available for serving cake or handing out snacks throughout the party. With the selection of Inside Out tableware, you'll be one step closer to incorporating the theme into every part of your child's big day.


Once you're finished with decorations, the next step is planning the party activities. Planning the entertainment is one of the hardest parts of throwing an unforgettable birthday party. You'll need activities that keep the kids engaged and happy. Luckily, Birthday Express has you covered with a number of activities already prepared to help your child's birthday party be a success. These activities will fit right into the party's Inside Out theme and ensure party guests have a blast.


As a classic party pastime, the piñata is the perfect addition to any birthday party. Guests can channel Joy and a little bit of Anger as they take turns swinging at the Royal Blue Star Piñata in attempts to free the candy inside.


The kids have probably used their imaginations to bring their favorite characters to life and act out scenes from the movie, but you can make their imaginations a reality with costumes. Your child will love running around the party in the Disney Inside Out - Classic Anger Costume, and guests can dress as Fear, Joy and the rest of the team.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Do you ever look at someone and wonder: What is going on inside their head?"

"It's a shortcut, see?! D-A-N-G-E-R! Shortcut!"

"Remember the funny movie where the dog died?"

"Boyband Island? Hope that's just a phase."

"These are Riley's memories, and they're mostly happy if you notice. Not to brag."

"Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome."

"I'm too sad to walk. Just give me a few hours."

"Take her to the moon for me, okay?"


Party Favors

Awesome decorations, delicious food and fun activities are all key parts of a successful birthday party, but what truly makes an event memorable are the guests. When the party ends, you'll want to be sure to give thanks to every guest who played a part in your child's special day. Party favors are a great and simple way to show your appreciation. Thanks to Birthday Express, you can even hand out party favors that tie into the party's Inside Out theme.

  • Blue Rock

    As one of Sadness's favorite treats, the Blueberry Rock Candy Sticks, would be a fitting party favor for your child's Inside Out party. You can add the delicious sweets to your homemade party favor boxes or hand them out during the party for kids to snack on.

  • Empty Favor

    Sometimes creating your own party favors is more fun, but you'll still need something to put the favors in. The Blue with Yellow Stars Empty Favor Boxes are a good size for holding cupcakes, sweets and toys, and the box's colors perfectly represent Joy and Sadness.

  • Inside Out

    Blowouts are a simple way to entertain party guests, and these Blue Blowouts are in Sadness's color so they've fit in to your Inside Out theme. If you're worried about the noise, save the blowouts for the end of the party or add them to guests' take-home party favor boxes.