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    Join robotics genius Hiro Hamada, his brother Tadashi and their robot Baymax for a Big Hero 6 birthday bash that your adventurer will love. Get your favorite superhero team together and have fun with this theme from Birthday Express!

Big Hero 6 Party Theme

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Big Hero 6

Save the Day with a Big Hero 6 Party

Big Hero 6 is Disney's first animated superhero film and follows Hiro Hamada, a teen robotics genius who creates tiny robots called microbots. Hiro accidentally activates Baymax, a robot and “healthcare companion” created by his brother, Tashadi. When Hiro discovers someone is using his microbots to bring danger to San Fransokyo, he turns to Baymax and Tashadi's friends GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred for help. Using his microbots, Hiro transforms them into a team of high-tech heroes called Big Hero 6. The superhero group uses their new powers to protect San Fransokyo. The movie combines the wonderful animation and storytelling skills of Disney with the thrill and power of superheroes for an incredible story that has inspired children everywhere. With supplies from Birthday Express, you can throw your child a flawless Big Hero 6 birthday party.

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    Planning the perfect birthday party can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do everything on your own. Check out the Birthday Express Ideas Blog for all of the best ideas on themes, decorations, food, activities and more. With expert tips available for every step of the party-planning process, you'll be on your way to throwing a party that guests will be talking about for years.

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    Planning Tip

    Create a master list of all the supplies you'll need for the party so you don't forget anything while you're shopping. The list will come in handy when you're running from store to store and buying a lot of supplies at once. Plus, you'll get the sweet satisfaction of feeling accomplished every time you cross an item off the list.

  • Creating The

    You've selected a party theme, and now you just have to figure out how to incorporate it into the party. Start with decorations, as those will be the easiest to coordinate with your theme. Fortunately, Birthday Express has balloons, wall decals and other decorations for you to use. Food is another great way to highlight the theme. Serve the birthday meal and treats with themed plates, napkins, cups and other tableware.



Now that you've decided on a party theme, it's time to bring that theme to life. Decorations have the power to transform your home and take your party to the next level. With the Big Hero 6 decorations from Birthday Express, you can go beyond plain balloons and streamers. A variety of custom Big Hero 6-themed balloons, wall decals, an impressive cardboard standup and other decorations will help you bring Baymax, Hiro and the rest of San Fransokyo's superhero squad straight from the movie screen to your home. Once the decorations are up, you can sit back and watch as all the kids become their favorite Big Hero 6 members and prepare to protect San Fransokyo from evil villains.

Balloon Bouquet

The best birthday parties always have amazing balloons. Thanks to Birthday Express, your party can have custom balloons to match your theme so you don't have to settle for regular balloons. The Disney Big Hero 6 Balloon Bouquet from Birthday Express combines red and silver balloons with custom foil balloons featuring Baymax and Hiro. You can use the assortment as a table centerpiece, chair decoration or regular decoration to brighten up the room.

Baymax Standup

At 6 feet tall, the Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax and Hiro Standup will tower over all of your party guests and become a central feature of your party. The cardboard standup will awe kids with its epic proportions and help your Big Hero 6 theme come alive. Party guests will be lining up to take photos with the movie's main characters.




The superheroes of Big Hero 6 can't be expected to protect the citizens of San Fransokyo on an empty stomach. They'll need a hearty meal before they can fight off villains and keep the city safe. A magnificent birthday feast must be in the works to keep the little superheroes satisfied and prepared, and Birthday Express has all the supplies you need to host an extravagant birthday meal. With Big Hero 6 plates, cups, napkins and plasticware, you can serve Hiro and his gang in style. The tableware from Birthday Express will also save you from cleaning up after the kids make a mess. Since everything is easily disposable, you can roll it all up in the tablecloth and be rid of it in one fell swoop, allowing you to focus on the rest of the party.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Tadashi is not really gone as long as we remember him."

"Size doesn't matter, performance does."

"Are you satisfied with your care?"

"Flying makes me a better care provider."

"This may undermine my non-threatening, huggable design."

"He looks like a walking marshmallow."

"Hello, I'm Baymax, your healthcare companion."

"I am a robot. I cannot be offended."


Party Favors

Amazing decorations and delicious food are both crucial parts of every birthday party, but what truly makes or breaks an event are the guests. The people you invite to the party will stand out in your child's memories more than balloons and cake. At the end of the party, be sure to give thanks to each guest for sharing in the making of your child's special day. Party favors are a great way to show your appreciation and to keep the party's fun going even after the guests go home. Birthday Express even has a collection of party favors that can tie into your Big Hero 6 theme.

  • Cupcake Plastic

    These Big Hero 6 Plastic Rings are the perfect addition to goodie bags that you can hand out at the end of the party. Throw in some candy along with the ring, and every kid will be jumping with excitement when they get home. You can also use the rings as cupcake toppers to incorporate the theme into your party treats. Whether you use them during the party or hand them out after, the guests will love them.

  • Photo Opportunities

    Nothing will commemorate your child's birthday party better than a picture. Use the Big Hero 6 Baymax and Hiro Standup to create the perfect scene and snap a photo of the party guests standing with their favorite characters. Print the photos during the party and hand them out as the kids leave, or send them a copy later. The party guests (and their parents) will appreciate the keepsake.

  • Big Hero 6
    Dress Up

    Your child can bring Hiro to life at your Big Hero 6 birthday party with this Deluxe Hiro Costume. Dressed as the leader of Big Hero 6, your child can guide the party guests on a mission to save San Fransokyo from villains. Have the camera ready to capture some amazing superhero moments!