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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

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Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse makes any birthday party a pure delight.

Minnie Mouse has been entertaining young and old since the 1920s, and today she is more popular than ever. If your little girl loves her cheerful personality and can-do spirit, Minnie makes the ideal theme for a memorable birthday party. Along with her best friend Daisy Duck and colorful characters like Clarabelle Cow, Minnie is sure to provide plenty of inspiration for a party that your little girl and all her friends will enjoy. Whether you go with the classic Minnie colors of red and white polka-dots or you opt for modern Minnie who adores everything pink, you're sure to have a theme that puts everyone in a mouse-tastic mood.

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    Minnie Mouse is a timeless cartoon character and there's one signature item you'll always find on her outfit: a big beautiful bow. In addition to having your daughter wear a bow in her hair for the big day, consider adding bows throughout your décor for a festive look that's easy for anyone to create.

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    Planning Tip

    Her nickname is Minnie after all, so when planning the party menu, why not make the theme "mini" and opt for finger foods and other bite-sized treats? For example, mini corn dogs, finger sandwiches and a crudités plate with bite-size fresh veggies are ideal for lunch or dinner.

  • Send The

    The first step to planning a great themed birthday party is to send out the perfect invites. Start with Minnie Mouse invitations to set the mood. All her friends will jump for joy when they receive our invitation that features Minnie and Daisy proclaiming "It's pretty party time!"



To throw the perfect Minnie Mouse birthday party for your daughter, you must have the perfect decorations. Transform any space into party-central with our collection of cute décor that is guaranteed to impress guests young and old. Whether you are throwing your baby girl the ultimate first birthday party or your big girl wants to celebrate her birthday with all her little friends, you'll instantly set the tone for a fun, festive time. From balloons to bows, Minnie ears to piñatas, you'll find everything you need so you don't have to stress.


Foil balloons make any party fun. Your birthday girl is sure to love this jumbo Minnie Mouse balloon on her big day. With Minnie's big grin and a big beautiful pink polka dot bow, this balloon is perfect as a centerpiece, at the entryway of the party or by the gift table.

Decorating Kit

Hey Mom and Dad - there's no need to run from store to store to find everything you need for your daughter's Minnie Mouse birthday party. Our table decoration kit has it all, so your party will be perfect and you won't have to worry. Get ready to earn parent of the year!




Minnie loves sharing treats with her best buds, whether it's at a tea party, dance or outdoor picnic. Your little girl will want to do the same, so get the table ready for some delicious delicacies and dreamy delights. You'll want to get plates and napkins that feature Minnie, of course, but don't forget the napkins, cups and plasticware. All the party guests will feel like they are visiting Minnie's boutique for an official party when they sit down to such a lovely table setting.


To keep all the little Minnies at the party from bouncing off the wall, try planning a few fun activities. Games and projects are a great way to help all the children get to know each other, plus it's a lot of fun to watch everyone giggle and have a great time. One idea inspired by Minnie's Bow-tique is to set up a craft table and let kids decorate hair bows they can then bring home. Simply buy plain bows at the local craft store, as well as fabric glue and plastic jewels. Then help each child adorn her bow with all the pretty sparkles she desires. It's sure to be an instant hit!


Want the kids to have a whirly, twirly good time? You can't go wrong with our Disney Minnie Mouse Piñata Kit! This all-in-one kit has everything you need: Disney Minnie Mouse Pull-String Piñata, candy and toy piñata fillers, a piñata blindfold and piñata buster.

Party Game

Minnie works so hard at her Bow-tique, and now she needs some help from the birthday girl and her friends to display her bows. With our Minnie Pin the Bow Party Game, each child takes a blindfolded turn at placing the bows as close to each section on the display shelf as possible.

Photo Ops

All the little Minnie and Mickeys at the party will adore dressing up as their favorite mouse and posing for fun photos. Set the stage to capture that perfect shot with the Disney Mickey / Minnie Mouse Photo Booth Kit. You'll get a Disney Mickey Mouse Standup virtually as tall as the kids, a picture frame, Mickey and Minnie headbands and a variety of sweet accessories like glitter heart sunglasses and black sunglasses.

Dress Up

Want to take your party from average to amazing? Get your daughter an adorable Minnie Mouse costume to wear on her big day. Whether she dresses like Minnie for the entire party or just while greeting guests upon their arrival, she'll smile from ear to ear because she will look just like her favorite cartoon character.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Remember, you're the one that can fill the world with sunshine."

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

"Life's too short to wear boring shoes."

"Smile and let the world wonder why."

"Welcome to my new bow-tique, where each and every bow's unique!"

"I'll know he's the one when he makes me laugh."

"I'm just a Minnie looking for my Mickey."

"Laughter is timeless."


Party Favors

Of course a party isn't a party without guests, and you'll want to thank all the little mouseketeers that came to help your daughter have the most memorable birthday ever! Create thank-you gifts packed with Minnie Mouse-themed party favors for each child who attends the event. Items like pink bubbles, mouse ears, stickers, puzzles and crafts are great favors. Our Minnie Mouse party collection includes a variety of favors that are sure to make kids smile after the party is over. Have your daughter hand out the favors as each child leaves to show appreciation for such a mouse-tastic time.

  • Cupcake Wrappers & Picks

    Send guests home with a treat that Minnie Mouse herself couldn't resist – a dressed up cupcake! Our Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcake Wrapper & Pick Kit makes it simple with everything you need, like cupcake rings and reversible cupcake wrappers that let you choose from two fun patterns.

  • Minnie Mouse Filled Favor Box

    This Minnie Mouse favor box has everything you need to bring out a smile in all your party guests. Each filled favor box comes with a Minnie Mouse mini compact, bubbles, a sticker sheet, blowout, and a pink lollipop so your guests can continue to have fun with Minnie Mouse even after the party.

  • Party Favor

    Get a lot of glam for less to thank all the Minnies at the party with our Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Party Favor Pack. A total of 48 pieces (six favors for eight guests) gives everyone something special to take home. With rings, tops, bracelets and more, there's something fun for everyone!