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Magic Party

Introduce wonder to your kid's birthday with a magic party complete with spellbinding tricks and miraculous decorations.

Magic Party Supplies

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Magic Party

Abra cadabra, alla kazoo! Magical birthday supplies are here for you!

Magic tricks have become a tradition for kids' parties everywhere. If you have a child that would rather be the magician than watch one, why not have a magic-themed birthday? Better yet, grab a Magic Tricks Deluxe Kit and let everyone have a turn delighting their friends with an amazing illusion. Want to make candy appear out of thin air? A rabbit in hat piñata is sure to be the highlight of the day.




Decorating for a magic party is fun and easy. Pull out decks of cards and fan them out on a table. Our rising and movable magic wands start out as decoration before turning into playful props. Balloons are a delight at any kids' party and perfect additions to any magic show. If you have some young magicians inching to perform, make sure you clear out some space to make a stage. Even something simple like hanging a blanket on a string to make stage curtains can give a room extra excitement.




For a neat trick, a top hat can make a creative centerpiece for the table of any magical party. Plates and cups featuring rabbits and magic wands remind your guests of the astonishing illusions they watched earlier. The options of cake and luncheon plates ensure you have just the right size. Separate plates keep you from having to recycle between lunch and cake. After you're finished, make them disappear into the garbage and your clean up is magically done.