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Lego Batman

Make your child's next birthday an absolute blast with the addition of the hilarious LEGO Batman.

Lego Batman Party Supplies

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Lego Batman

LEGO Batman was so much fun in the LEGO Movie that he got his own feature!

If your kids are having fun playing LEGO Batman and Robin with all their friends, why not have it as the theme for their next birthday? Whether they love the daring adventures or hysterical jokes, this is a perfect way to get their favorite movie involved in the party. They can watch the film, play with their LEGOs, and pretend to stop the dastardly plans of the Joker and Harley Quinn.




LEGO Batman doesn't overthink anything, so you shouldn't overthink the decorations for your party. Our crepe paper is an affordable way to invoke the Caped Crusader around your space. Black and yellow crepe paper twists are easy to make and hang anywhere with paint-safe masking tape. If your kid is Robin's biggest fan, add yellow crepe paper to the red and green to say Boy Wonder instead of Christmas. Don't forget that this is a LEGO movie, so make easy decorations your guests can play with by pulling out all your child's LEGOs.




After a grueling day of saving Gotham City, it's time for your guests to celebrate their victory. Serve the cake and refreshments with Batman tableware that delights your children. These officially licensed table settings feature the Dark Knight and his comical sidekick going into action. Our napkins have the Penguin and the Riddler so your guests can wipe their mouths with these villains. These products are always the right size and easy to clean up.