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Gothic Feast

Go back in time to a Gothic feast for the ages, and invite friends over to indulge in your time-traveling adventure with you.

Gothic Feast Party Supplies

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Gothic Feast

Hear ye, hear ye! Throw a party fit for a kings and queens!

Throw a birthday party meant for a king or queen, and invite your loyal subjects to mingle and dine among your royal excellence. Such an occasion calls for quite extravagant decorating ideas, and we have everything ready and waiting to make your Medieval Gothic Feast a delight to be remembered.




Creating an entire world centered around your birthday party theme can be trickier than simply throwing together a few balloons and a cake and calling it a day. Thankfully, there's an entire package of various decor and festive accessories to make the day go smoothly for the knight or lady whose birthday reigns supreme. The Gothic Feast Silver Value Party Pack offers a plethora of assorted goodies, ranging anywhere from eight Valiant Knight invitations to 24 black candles prepared to set the mood for the event. Silver and gold latex balloons truly signify the elegance and prestige of the birthday-goer's vision for a Gothic feast that will rival all others.




A true feast can't commence without proper cutlery and tableware, and therefore the same Party Pack works wonders for setting a grand table as well. Each collection comes with eight silver medieval dinner plates that look highly authentic, while eight dessert plates come with a scaled pattern along their surface. These original details really help to bring the idea to life, and the 50 glittering gold lunch napkins printed with Medieval emblems give a splash of color to the mix.