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Gold and White Birthday

Celebrate with a style that screams high-end fashion and elegance with a gold and white color theme for your next event.

Gold and White Birthday Party Supplies

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Gold and White Birthday

Whether it's for a birthday, a holiday, a graduation, a wedding shower, etc. the use of gold and white hues for decorative occasions is a classy and universally-liked way to spruce up an event. The bright metallics give a modern flair, tending to work well for adult dinner parties or New Year's Eve extravaganzas. Highlight your designer eye to friends and family by sticking with a decorative theme using gold and white elements.




The starting point for an exceptional party often begins with a wide variety of balloons. In this case, gold and white dot latex balloons, or their opposite of white with gold dots, are available to enliven the room with fanciful cheer and grace. For classic accoutrement in the way of proms, birthdays or graduations, a Celebration Tabletop Balloon Arch in white and gold makes for a centerpiece on any foyer table or eating area that truly creates a statement of its own. Tissue garlands in black, white and gold are also offered for extra hanging art to be place around the room.




While gold and white dots or simply blocks of color work well on their own, the two colors accentuating each other in a stripe pattern is a very regal, well-combined look that should be embraced. A Gold and White Birthday Plastic tablecover adds a refined look for the dinner table, illustrating white and gold dots along the table surface while cascading into stripes along the hanging edges. The Gold and White Birthday Party Pack makes for easy arrangements for a multitude of guests.