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Fine Wine Party

Pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine to celebrate your birthday or recent accomplishments. A wine party is a great idea for celebrating another year lived, a job promotion or growth in your family.

Fine Wine Party Supplies

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Fine Wine Party

"You can't buy happiness but you can buy wine and that's pretty much the same thing."

Our party supplies are perfect for your next wine party with friends, family or friends and family. Lay out your spread with an assortment of appetizer plates with plastic mason jars for drinks. Choose your color pallet and coordinate with our latex balloons and plastic ware. Make the whole thing unforgettable with a personalized chalkboard runner where people can record their favorite moments.




Anyone who says your adult birthday party can't have hanging decorations is a buzz kill. If you want balloons, get balloons! Go wild with ribbons and flower fans in your favorite color pallet. A light balloon weight ensures your decorations will not float away, if your party is going to be outside. A decoration kit saves you the time of choosing individual elements while making sure your party has a great theme. Kits include plates, napkins, table runners and more.




We offer plates, cups and plastic ware that can coordinate with any wine party theme. Celebrate grapes with purple forks and spoons or go for a spring theme with green place settings. Plastic mason jars, forks and spoons help you reduce the after-party cleanup. You and a friend, and if they stayed after to clean, they're now a best friend, can grab the corners of the plastic table cover and scoop everything in one go.