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Fancy Floral

Your next garden or birthday party needs a floral theme. Try floral plates or pair plaid plates with flower centerpieces for a fresh and modern look everyone can enjoy.

Fancy Floral Party Supplies

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Fancy Floral

Keeping it classy with crisp colour and graphic prints with a touch of playful sophistication!

Flowers fit into any color theme you want for your party. Going orange? Think poppies. Want deep purple? Try violets. Have fun mixing and matching floral prints and plaids to create a picnic environment, even if your party will be indoors. Layering is a great way to draw all the elements you want to decorate with into one place, such as placemats, napkins and plates featuring polka dots, flowers and stripes.




Flower fans and decals can dress up your party room and are easy to put up and take down. Crepe paper works for any party, and with mostly adult guests, you can likely reuse this bright and colorful ribbon at your next event without spills turning it into mush. Make your theme "forever young" by inserting some of your favorite decorations from childhood, like balloons and a personalized banner.




Paper plates save you a lot of after-party clean up since there are fewer dishes to wash. Pairing floral and plaid paper plates gives your party a modern feel with lots of color and two patterns traditionalists tend not to coordinate. A lavender or Paris damask tablecloth adds a unifying element to your table setting that is easy to lay out, clean up and reuse. Mason jars are great all-purpose decorations that you can also use for drinking. Use some for floral centerpieces and others for your party punch.