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Set the stage for a party and win over the heart of your tween with this emoji themed party pack. The bright yellow smiley face is a welcome sight to just about anyone with a cellphone.

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Whether they are texting or chatting, tweens use a lot of emojis for the bulk of their communications with friends.

Use this theme as the basis for an upcoming birthday party or a summer celebration. Boys and girls will both enjoy the bold colors and sunny disposition of many of their favorite emoji expressions. If you've struggled to find a suitable theme for your young teen, take advantage of the Show Your Emojions Party in a Box. All of the prep work has been done for you. The only thing left for you to handle is ordering the preferred foods and providing invitations. We suggest pizza, chips and a selection of soft drinks.




The classic bright yellow smiley face is a welcome addition to parties of all types, so set up the party table with bright, bold colors to complement the emoji balloons and themed paper products. Hang smiley face emojis around the room, and your guests might just be enticed look up from their cellphones for a while. In fact, there's a good chance you'll enjoy this positive theme as much as your tween does. Kids of all ages will enjoy the chance to send treats and prizes flying from your choice of piñatas.




One unwritten rule is that when teens get together, there must be food. Protect the surfaces of your home by providing colorful dinner plates and coordinating dessert plates. The jovial emoji smiley face graces plates, napkins and cups. Finish off your preparations by providing a stereo system and a thumb drive of your tween's favorite music. With the stage set for fun, you'll be able to step back and let the kids take control.