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    Get your glow on with the colorful, black light-activated Glow in the Dark Party from BirthdayExpress.com! From sleepovers to black light bowling, it's the perfect theme.

Glow In The Dark Party Theme

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Glow In The Dark

Want to throw an awesome party? Ready, set, GLOW!

Some folks like to throw a nice, quiet party for their kids with a few neighborhood friends. Maybe some decorations. Maybe not. But you are not some folks. You love loud colors and bright decorations, so bright that they almost glow in the dark. We put together these colorful and vibrant party supplies just to help you give your child an energetic and exciting birthday party that he or she will remember for ages! We've got decorations, tableware and even some sweet treats and accessories to “glow” the roof of the party!

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    Throwing a great party can be a little daunting. But don't worry. We're here to help. In our Ideas Blog, we've got hints and tips to guide you every step of the way. We have tons of ideas for themed parties and lots of clever DIY tips and tricks to make your party truly unique.

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    Planning Tip

    If you've ever planned any kind of event, you know that proper preparation is key. As with most things, putting things off until later makes for more stress and less fun for you and everyone involved. Be sure to plan carefully and don't leave yourself a million things to do the morning of the party.

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    You can't have a celebration if no one knows when to show up. So get those invitations out (and all your RSVPs back) in serious style with the Glow-in-the-Dark invitations! They are a colorful and festive way to present your theme to the guests and get them as excited as you are about the fun times ahead!



Now we have so many theme party ideas and supplies and, much like children, it's hard for us to choose a favorite. But we really, REALLY love this one. Our Glow-in-the-Dark and Neon items feature bright, vibrant colors and can be a visually stunning theme for any age party. If decorations are what you're looking for, we've got them in spades. We have everything from outdoor and indoor decorations, wearable decorations and things for your activities and tables. And it all sticks to your awesome, colorful glow-in-the-dark theme. Your guests will be ‘glowing' crazy!

Table Cover

Your kitchen, dining room or living room table are oftentimes the centerpiece of the party. Whether you're using it for food, gifts or activities, it needs to match the theme. The Glow in the Dark plastic tablecover protects your table from scratches and messes while setting the tone for a super fun party.

Neon Banner

If you're looking for the perfect way to say, “The party's over here!” then look no further. The Glow in the Dark Party Banner reads “Happy Birthday” and screams color and fun. It can hang pretty much anywhere and is a festive way to help direct your guests into the party area.




The most fun parties (in our humble opinion) are when you can see the theme from top to bottom. It's not just the wrapping paper or the lights or the banners. It comes down to even the finest of details. And when it comes to place settings, we have all the right options to give you a fully functional and fully festive food-serving experience. We've got neon plastic dinner plates, assorted neon cutlery, glow-in-the-dark napkins and plates and much, much more. No matter where your guests look, they'll love seeing those details in every corner.


Fun activities play a huge role in the potential of your party. Now someone might say, “Glow in the Dark is just colors, right? I mean how can you plan activities based on colors? Seems impossible.” Don't invite that person to the party. Glow in the Dark is absolutely chock full of awesome activities, and we've got your hookup. We'll outline a few here to get your started, but this is your party. Feel free to get creative and design some activities catered specifically to increase the fun factor for your guests.

Black Light Activities

A fun item to use for a multitude of activities is a black light. You can have the kids wear white, turn on the black light bulb and let the little human glow lights run around and listen to music! Or you can grab the neon tambourines and throw a stellar music and light show.

Light-Up Gyroscope

Get ready for the WOW factor! Your guests will oooh and aaaah as they're mesmerized by the super rad Light Up Gyroscope. This plastic piece of magic measures about 2.5” in diameter, spins and lights up, making an absolutely perfect tabletop accessory.

Photo Opportunities

A photo booth provides an excellent opportunity to preserve memories in a festive and creative way, and it allows everyone to participate in the fun! With a camera and just a few wearable accessories (like these really cool neon-colored bandanas), you've got an awesome way to capture memories and participate in a fun activity!

Dress Up

Even if a photo booth isn't exactly what you had in mind, playing good-old-fashioned dress-up can make for an exciting and spirited activity for everyone there. This set of neon fedoras are bright, colorful and very stylish, and they can turn your glow-in-the-dark party into quite the celebration!



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Here we glow!"

"Glow with the flow."

"No glow, no show."

"Let's glow this place!"

"We're glowing to have a blast!"

"Let's get ready to glow!"

"No guts, no glow-ry!"

"Get down with the glow."


Party Favors

You've just thrown an awesome party. The kids are full and happy, the adults are…well…also full and happy. Do you just wave them down the road and let them walk away with nothing but a tummy full of cake?? Of course not! Because you go big. Of course they'll walk away with memories of fun times and maybe a photo or two. But sending them home with a party favor is a lasting reminder of the good time they had. We've got party favor boxes that come filled or empty, or put together your own favors with some of our other fun accessories.

  • Filled Favor Box

    This is the perfect all-in-one party favor box for your colorful celebration. It comes complete with some themed sweets, a glow stick, bracelet and some sleek neon pink shutter shades. The kids will walk out that door even cooler and more colorful than when they walked in. Mission: accomplished.

  • Beads

    Wearable favors are some of the most fun favors out there. These neon silicone bracelets offer the perfect way to keep smiles on those faces, even on the car ride home. Bring them out toward the end of the party so the kids can mix and match and find their favorite color!

  • Shutter Shades

    Kanye who? We can't guarantee they'll block 100 percent of UV rays, but they WILL make you feel 100 percent cooler. These killer shades come in a variety of colors and let everyone know that those kids love to party and look good doing it. Pair with the bracelets for a sweet set of new accessories.