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    Make your little firefighter’s dream birthday celebration come alive with a complete selection of Fire Truck-themed party supplies from BirthdayExpress.com!

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Fire Truck

The Hottest Fire Truck Party on the Block

This will be the red-hot party of the year. With plenty of fun and games to keep the little ones entertained, you will feel like it was easy to pull off. Birthday parties shouldn’t be a stressful experience. You should be able to enjoy the day as much as your mini fireman does. Let BirthdayExpress take some of the load off your hands so you can put out that fire of anxiety you're feeling whenever you think about throwing a party for a group of kids. With easy decorations, games, goodie bags and everything else you need for the day, it will be a very enjoyable celebration.

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    Can’t quite seem to feel inspiration burning through you? Turn to our Ideas blog and give your party that extra bit of spice to make the kids jump for joy. Take inspirations from other themes and transform them with a fiery twist.

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    Planning Tip

    Before guests arrive for the big day, be sure that you have everything squared away. Any firefighter will tell you, “You need to be prepared for the unexpected.” You may not be able to predict how the events of the day will unwind, but you do need to have a back-up plan. Have extra games on hand and extra food, too, just in case you run into a rain delay or food allergy.

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    Sound the alarms! Your guests will be counting down the days until your big party once they receive these red-hot invitations in the mail.



Every hero has a getaway car. Batman has the Batmobile, James Bond has his Aston Martin and firemen have their fire truck. These everyday heroes have everything they need in their truck, and you will have everything you need for the party in a box decoration kit. From wall décor to place settings, you can deck out your party room with all of the colors and images of a true fire-truck party.


Every little hero deserves to be recognized. Make yours stand out with a personalized banner. With lights and sirens on display for all to see, guests won’t miss this grand entryway.


Nothing is out of reach for your little hero, even these latex balloons that fly high above the party. The white background lets the bold red pattern stand out.




Your guests will need to refuel their fire trucks and their bodies after all the fun and games they'll have throughout the day. Make sure your whole party looks streamlined from start to finish with an impressive table setting.


Guests will be zooming around from station to station. While your stations may be game stations, you can always make the dining area home base, or even your crew's fire house. Everyone will love how well each activity ties into the theme and you will love how simple it is to do.

Coloring Posters

Let the kids create their own décor and color outside the lines. Help them get creative as they begin coloring their dream fire truck. Watch them as their imaginations run wild.


Being a firefighter takes a lot of strength, and so does breaking open this fire truck piñata! Kids can take a swing just like they were using an axe to break down the door on a rescue mission. After all, those goodies inside of the piñata do need to be rescued.

Activity Placemats

Give kids something to do while the cake is being cut. Sitting in anticipation of that sugary sweetness will have them blowing steam. There is no shame in offering a fun distraction while you get each serving set ready to go.

Photo Opportunities

Smile for the camera and watch dreams come true. These fun photo props will let every guest fulfill their dreams of becoming a hero fire fighter when they grow up.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine."

"Firefighters are Cool When it Gets Hot"

"Firefighters Make House Calls"

"All men are created equal...then a few become firemen."

"Heroes are the people who do what has to be done regardless of the consequences."

"Firefighters Keep Moving Up the Ladder"

"The Few Dedicated to the Many"

"The possible we do fast - the impossible takes time."


Party Favors

Give each guest more than a pat on the back on their way out the door. Each little hero deserves a treat and some recognition. Hand out party favors to end the celebration with a bang.

  • Filled Favor

    Go all-out with a favor filled party box. These boxes are shaped like fire trucks, so they are a treat within themselves!

  • Fire Engine

    Roll right in to the next adventure with these fire trucks to commemorate the unforgettable day. Whether or not your children’s friends also dream of being firemen, these toy trucks will be a new favorite. Kids love to mimic the sound of the sirens!

  • Fire Chief

    There’s a new chief in town and he is standing right in front of you. Each guest will feel extra special when they are dubbed the fire chief with these hats.


Personalize It!

Just like the name embroidered into each fireman's uniform, everything feels a little more important when it is personalized. Make your child’s day extra special with a personal touch.


Print your very own special invitations with a personal image and a certain message. No more tired hands writing out each invitation. Let Birthday Express take care of the details and you can just worry about the guest list.


There will no second guessing about whether guests have made it to the right house. With a personalized banner hanging right over your front door, they will know they have made it to the party.


A special treat hides underneath all of that tasty cake. Place a picture of the birthday boy or a secret message on these dinner plates.


Give each table a little something special with a unique centerpiece that is more meaningful than just another image of a fire truck. Make the birthday boy really feel like the center of the day.


Thank–You Notes

Be sure to thank each guest for sharing this special day with you. A fireman relies on his crew to get by on each call, just as you rely on your friends. Let them know how important their presence was for you and how much fun you had because of them. Send out your note on our fire truck thank you notes or our personalized thank you notes.