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Bold Geometrics

Show off your cheerful and innovative personality by hosting an adults-only party featuring bold and colorful geometrics.

Bold Geometric Party Supplies

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Bold Geometrics

Show off your daring side with this eye-catching party theme!

When holding a gathering of any size, it is important to choose your décor wisely. Be sure to choose decorations and tableware that bring spirits up and are consistent with the theme of the party. Geometric shapes that are colorful and lively convey warmth and vitality, so a geometric shape theme is a great choice for any type of celebration. The theme is fun, upbeat and festive. Our assortment of goods printed with abstract shapes and designs are ideal for adult get-togethers of any kind.




Browse our selection of colorful balloons, banners and decoration kits. We have a wide variety of bright and vivid products in numerous shapes and sizes. Decoration kits come in many colors, so you are sure to find one that works with your party. These kits include puff balls, two different sizes of tissue fans, a garland and swirls.




Designing the eating experience is key to having an enjoyable party. Select a plain tablecloth in a bright shade to get the party going. An attractive plate can make your food look and taste better, so you will want to choose plates that stand out as much as your decorations. Choose a plate with one of our bold geometric prints or mix and match to offer your guests variety. Complete your table with a centerpiece such as a balloon bouquet. Thanks to the many options offered by Birthday Express, your partygoers will be nothing less than impressed with your celebration.