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    Don't moneky around! Make your loved one feel like the queen of the jungle with Pink Mod Monkey party supplies and décor!

Pink Mod Monkey Party

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Pink Mod Monkey

Go Bananas for a Pink Mod Monkey Party

She will be smiling from ear to ear when she sees this wild theme. From funky monkeys to beautiful colors, your party place will be transformed with a quick and simple Pink Mod Monkey theme for her next birthday bash. With everything you need in one place, BirthdayExpress leaves the monkey mischief to you while we take care of the busy work. You will have all of the decorations, place settings, games and favors you need to really go bananas.

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    From party-planning checklists to creative dinner ideas, the BirthdayExpress Ideas blog has everything you need to create a memorable celebration. Parents and kids alike will be impressed by your out-of-the-box thinking and crafty solutions that perfectly fit the theme. No one needs to know we helped.

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    Planning Tip

    Print out sheet with each guest's name on it. As your little girl opens presents, write down what each guest gives her. This will make writing thank-you cards take a lot less time because you won't be left scratching your head trying to remember who brought what!

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    Every little girl will be itching to party when she sees the colorful palette and fun faces gathered 'round to help her kick off the celebration. Contrasting colors of pink and green make the place pop with excitement, and the adorable monkeys will bring out the wild side in her as well. It's easy to follow along with this simple theme by using the color palette and fun textures to create a jungle out of your party room.



You'll be shouting with excitement once you see how easy it is to transform your space for an all-out birthday bash. No monkeying around here - these decorations get straight down to business. From the walls to the table, everything will be covered in this stylish and modern theme.


Your monkey and their friends will go ape for this fun pinata. They will take turns taking a swipe at the pinata...but will they be hoping for bananas or candy to spill out? Thats the question.

Personalized Banner

Your favorite monkey deserves to be showcased on her special day. Just like her jungle buddies, she will be hanging high above the ground - but she will still be safe and sound without any worry of falling from the trees. This personalized banner lets you put your birthday girl's face on there so it can be displayed front and center.




There won't be any monkey business at the table when you set out these classy place settings. With a modern touch and sophisticated patterns, your little girl will feel all grown up even though she is just one year older. The best part about these stylish settings is that you don't have to do any leg work. Once they are done eating, you can simply throw everything away. No dishes and no scrubbing!


Your partygoers will have a wild time at each activity station. You can plan the number and style of games and activities around how old your guests are. Crafts or nail painting may be good for an older crowd, but games that require little structure and more imagination may be ideal for the younger ones. Find what fits your monkeys and get swinging.


Whether this monkey hangs from a tree or your ceiling, it is holding many treasures inside this pinata. You can add an extra challenge by blindfolding guests before they take a swing, or let them have a crack at it will a clear line of sight. Either way, it will take a lot of determination to get to the treats that await inside.

Activity Placemats

Be prepared for anything. If the pizza arrives later than expected and everyone is already sitting down at the table just waiting to chow down, keep them busy with activity placemats. Whether they enjoy them while waiting for a meal or killing time before the cake, these placemats will save the day.

Create Your Own Monkey

Get crafty with this awesome pillow puff kit. Guests can design their very own monkey pillow to take home with them and cherish forever. Design them however you would like with gemstones, glitter glue and felt. She will feel like she is a high-end fashion designer!

Dress Up

Every little girl loves to play dress up, but every now and then they might just want to monkey around! Let your partygoers show their silly side and put on a pair of monkey ears as they celebrate. These make for great photo opportunities and even better monkey impressions.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Enough of your monkey business."

"Let's go bananas!"

"No more monkeying around!"

"Even monkeys fall out of trees."

"Not my circus, not my monkey"

"Monkey see, monkey do."

"Ooo-Ooo Eee-Eee Aaa-Aaa!"

"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"


Party Favors

Monkeys are social animals. They enjoy being around their friends and family just like your little monkey. Give her a fun way to express her gratitude to all of her friends for coming out to spend this special day with her.

  • Favor Boxes

    Don't worry about putting together favor bags and racking your brain for the perfect little gifts. Birthday Express has your back and created the Pink Mod Monkey party favor box that is all ready to be handed out to each guest as they walk out the door. Their faces will light up with delight once they see all the treasures inside.

  • Lollipop Kit

    Every monkey loves a tasty treat. Hand out these colorful lollipops to guests as they call and end to the day. Before the big day, your little girl can help create these favors by placing the Pink Mod Monkey stickers on the lollipops. With her special touch, the favors will mean that much more.

  • Cone Hats

    Favors don't have to just be a parting gift. Give your partiers something to celebrate as soon as they walk in the door. Get them in the festive spirit by strapping a Pink Mod Monkey cone hat on their head and watch their eyes light up. A little accessorizing can make a world of difference.