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Rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Party

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Glamour Dogs

Throw the Paw-fect Puppy-Themed Party

It's a fact: Everyone loves puppies. Their lovable faces, soft fur, tiny paws and anxiousness to lick human faces is irresistible. Kids especially love puppies, which is why your daughter will love a puppy-themed birthday party. With the rachaelhale Glamour Dogs collection of party supplies from Birthday Express, you can fill your daughter's party with decorations covered with cute pooches. Birthday Express doesn't stop at decorations, though. It has party activities, tableware and party favors so you can incorporate the adorable theme into every part of your daughter's special day.

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    Planning a flawless and memorable party can be overwhelming. Decorations, entertainment and food all have to be perfect. Fortunately, the Birthday Express Ideas Blog is here to help. Find expert tips and tricks that will have you well on your way toward hosting your best party yet.

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    Create a master list of supplies that you'll need for the party so you don't forget anything when you're shopping. Party planning can get wild and hectic, and having a list to keep track of things will keep you on task as the big day gets closer.

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    Get friends and family excited for your daughter's puppy-themed birthday party with these adorable rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Invitations. Each card features cute pups asking guests to save the date and prepare for the special day. After seeing these invitations, guests won't be able to wait for the party.



The key to a great party is setting the scene. Now that you have a theme selected, it's time to let that theme shine through in every inch of your home. With the rachaelhale Glamour Dogs decorations from Birthday Express, you can fill your home with precious puppy faces, colorful balloons and even a personalized themed banner. You don't have to bother with plain balloons, streamers and confetti anymore because Birthday Express has everything you need to get ready for a pawsitively amazing party.


Balloons are an essential element to every birthday party, which is why you need the rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Balloon Bouquet at your daughter's party. You'll get an assortment of pink, blue and paw-print patterned balloons to use as a table centerpiece, chair decoration to designate the birthday girl or regular decoration to brighten up the room.


Add a special touch to your daughter's party decorations with the rachaelhale Glamour Personalized Vinyl Banner. Your daughter's eyes will light up when she sees her name in big letters beside pictures of adorable pooches. The banner is made with heavy-duty vinyl so you can save it for years as a keepsake of the party.




The table is another fabulous place to highlight your party theme. Birthday Express has all the supplies you'll need to give the table setting some extra love and attention. Start with the rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Plastic Tablecover and its collection of lovable dog photos, and then add the dinner plates, cups and napkins to complete the look. For dessert, you can serve the birthday cake on the rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Dessert Plates. With these adorable decorations on the table, your theme will be represented throughout the whole meal.


Now that you have the decorations and table setting covered, it's time to think about entertainment. Keeping kids busy for hours can be tricky, but Birthday Express has some themed party activities already prepared to help you out. Party classics like the piñata, stickers and coloring sheets are available to help your daughter and her friends pass the time. Birthday Express also has unique activities like the Felt Pillow Puff Dog Kit that stick to your theme and will ensure the kids have fun.


The piñata is a party favorite and the perfect activity for your daughter's birthday. The rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Piñata Kit comes with a pull-string puppy-themed piñata, a blindfold, buster stick and an assortment of candy and toys to fill the piñata so you don't have to worry about finding the right filler candy on your own.

Activity Placemats

After your party guests are done whacking away at the piñata, they can sit and relax around the table while they complete these fun activity placemats. The rachealhale Glamour Dogs Activity Placemat kit includes four placemats, each with a maze, drawing section and matching game.

Pillow Puff Dog Kit

The Felt Pillow Puff Dog Kit is a great arts and crafts project for the birthday girl and her friends to put together. The kit includes supplies to make a 10” x 11.6” dog-shaped pillow. The pillow kit is perfect for kids because it doesn't require any gluing sewing or cutting, which means you don't need to worry about cleaning up a huge mess.

Wall Decals

Make sure to take a lot of pictures on the day of the party so your daughter and guests can remember how much fun they had. The rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Giant Wall Decals can provide the perfect backdrop for your photoshoot.



Try incorporating these fun phrases into your invitations, DIY decorations, and other pieces of the party!

"Happiness is a warm puppy."

"Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails."

"The face of a golden retriever feels like home."

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

"Dogs are miracles with paws."

"The more I see of man, the more I like dogs."

"I'm convinced that petting a puppy is good luck."

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


Party Favors

Flawless decorations, delicious food and fun activities are all necessary parts of a successful birthday party, but what truly makes an event special are the guests. At the end of the party, you'll want to give thanks to each guest for playing a part in your daughter's big day, and handing out party favors is the perfect way to show your appreciation. Birthday Express offers a selection of party favors that even tie into your puppy theme. From favor boxes to simple stickers, Birthday Express has you covered.

  • Filled Favor

    Show your guests how much you appreciate them with the variety of goodies found in the rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Filled Party Favor Box. Each box contains stickers, a blowout, a mini plush puppy and a pink lollipop.

  • Dog Sticker

    The rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Sticker Sheets are the perfect addition to homemade goodie bags that you hand out at the end of the party. They can also be given as game prizes during the game. With the stickers, your daughter's friends can take a piece of the party home with them.

  • Dog

    Like stickers, blowouts can be added to goodie bags or handed out as prizes during the party. The rachaelhale Glamour Dogs Blowouts pack comes with eight paper blowouts that your party guests can take home and save as a memento of your daughter's big day.