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Everyone knows one of the most important times of the birthday party is when the cake comes out.

The lights dim, the crowd is hushed, and all eyes go toward the kitchen entryway. Then, out comes the cake. A collective “oooh,” and “ahhh,” escapes the lips of all attendees. The “Happy Birthday” song is sung, and the birthday child beams. The lights come up and everyone clamors for a dessert plate to get in line for a piece of the cake. So, it’s crucial that you have cool, themed dessert plates, and plenty of them to go around. The colorful, stylish plates are carrying precious cargo.

For girls’ birthday themes, BirthdayExpress.com has the themed dessert plates you need and want. Find the hottest licensed themes, including Disney’s Frozen, Dr. Seuss, Octonauts and more, and unique, exclusive themes designed by BirthdayExpress.com such as Paris Damask, Look Who’s 1 pink owl 1st birthday, Pink Cowgirl and more. Choose bold colors including pinks and purples, or soft grays and light blues. Options also include different shapes of dessert plates, such as circles, ovals, hearts and squares – which are great for holding a larger piece of cake. Choose specific themes for milestone birthdays, such as “Lil Cupcake 2nd birthday party theme.

Enhance the popular themes with trendy prints, including chevron, polka dots and quatrefoil in all colors of the rainbow. Solid colors will always be in style, and with BirthdayExpress.com, you can always rest assured that the solid colors will match the theme colors. We all know party supplies and tableware brings the party together. Feel confident the dessert plates from BirthdayExpress.com have been through rigorous testing, and have proven durable and strong, all the while being stylish. Showcase the theme throughout the party and especially when the cake comes out and the dessert plates have their moment to shine during the birthday party.