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Paper Cups For Boys

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Colorful paper cups that match or complement the boys' birthday party's theme are a great way to create the party theme experience, make party clean-up a breeze and eliminate worry about breaking glass.

You can find one of the largest selections at BirthdayExpress.com. From paper cups that match popular themes including superheroes, pirates, animals, construction and more to cups that complement a color scheme, we have them all.

And paper cups are super versatile. In addition to a making drinking juice, milk or water fun for kids, birthday party paper cups can also be used as a fun way to serve snacks (think goldfish, gummy bears, pretzels, popcorn); as a festive vessel for party favors for departing guests (think tattoos, stickers, candy, small toys); or they can even be used to create party activities such as the ""hiding ping pong ball"" game. Here's how you play: you need one ping pong ball plus three paper cups; place the cups upside down on a flat surface the ball under one cup, shuffle them around upside down on table and guest guesses what cup it's under.

Consider theme-matching napkins or ones in a complementary solid color, as well. Some parents even the paper cups beyond the party to make playtime with a friend or snack time extra special.