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Crowns and hats are not just for the birthday child – they’re for everyone at the party!

No one can resist a smile when they’re wearing a party hat or mask. Grandma Ethel masked as Thor and Uncle Fred masked as the Hulk will laugh and smile when they join the dress up fun at your child’s Avenger party. And you won’t find a straight face in the house when Grandpa George tops his head with a pink Glamour Dog cone hat and Aunt Sally puts on a long black puppy ears headband at your daughter’s 5th birthday party.

Birthday Express has a huge variety of hats and masks (hundreds to choose from!) that coordinate with the birthday party supplies from your child’s themed party. All of your guests can wear a crisp, white chef’s hat while they are assembling pizzas at your Itzza Pizza Party party. Or dress like Gobber with an authentic-looking Viking cone hat at your How to Train Your Dragon 2 party. Or even wear fuzzy Disney Minnie Mouse ears headbands at your child’s Minnie’s 1st Birthday Party. Hats and masks for your party will create immeasurable joy and countless photo opportunities!

Party hats and masks are classic party accessories that often complement the theme that is reflected in tableware, decorations and party favors. These add an additional element of fun to your gathering and will be talked about long after the party. Guest will also enjoy these dress up pieces as take-home party favors to enjoy again and again. Each time your guests plays with their mask or hat after the party, they are sure to remember that special day and the memories that it created for your child and all of the guests. So make your child's birthday party one that will never be forgotten and be sure to include hats or masks for all of the guests.