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Sweet treats for a sweet party!

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Sweet treats for a sweet party!

Birthday parties are the best places to satisfy a sweet tooth. At BirthdayExpress.com, we know you don’t have time to peruse the aisles of the candy shops in your home town. That's why we make it convenient to browse our huge selection of candy. So, what’s your sweet of choice? How about some lollipops? Our traditional spiral goodies come in a variety of colors including rainbow, blue and white, pastel swirl, red and white, pink and white, black and white, yellow and white, green and white, and more. Use stickers to customize your lollies and tie them even more tightly to your theme. If you’re looking for something more unusual, how about some tropical fish, princess, zoo animal or pirate lollipops? Or, if you want to take the adventure up a notch, check out our Snap 'N Glow lollipops with popping candy assortment. Imagine how much fun the kids will have at an evening party or sleep over. We have shimmer gumballs and shimmer Sixlets in a variety of colors to add a little shine to your soiree. Is your guest of honor into video games? Check out our Super Mario Bros. tin, complete with coin-shaped candies, or our sour candy mushroom tin, Starman tin, and more. Cotton candy swirlz (gluten free!), candy buttons and candy necklaces are always fun to nibble on, and don’t forget the super-cool PEZ dispensers, gummy candies and assorted taffy!