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Birthday Party Invitations

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Invitations to the birthday party are the first touch point to set the tone and introduce the theme of the birthday party to party guests.

They are an essential part of the party supplies and party planning process. Matching invitations will correspond with all other birthday party supplies on BirthdayExpress.com, including tableware, party favors, decorations and more. Showcase your theme and creativity throughout the entire party – from the beginning to the end.

BirthdayExpress.com gives you dozens of options to showcase the theme with fun, bright and colorful matching invitations which include envelopes. Choose the corresponding theme for the birthday invitation, or pick a complimentary color or style to highlight the creativity and fun. Choose from basic to elaborate styles.

Want to highlight the special birthday child even more? Choose BirthdayExpress.com’s personalization options. Available on dozens of themes, take the fun factor up a notch and add a photo of the birthday child right onto the invitation. Get the party started with invitations that introduce the theme to all attendees. They won’t be able to wait for the party to get started, once they know the theme and how much fun is coming.

Once invitations are set, there is a lot more fun to be had. One of the best parts of the birthday party is the gifts. Showcase the theme of the party with matching gift wrap and gift tags. Your child will be delighted with matching, colorful gift wrap corresponding to the theme of the party. These wrapped gifts will stand out amongst all the rest. Gift wrap is an important part of birthday party supplies; they truly wrap it all up. What better way to “wrap-up” the party by keeping the theme of the party showcased on the presents and gift tags?