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Birthday party decorations and tableware are always important, but so is the prep work that goes into throwing a birthday party.

There are two things that every birthday party needs to account for – the guest list and the gift list. To make sure the guests know about the party, invite them in style with invitations that match your child’s party theme; to make sure the gifts look good, get them to match by choosing the right wrapping paper.

In the electronic age, we think a hand-written party invitation just has a certain level of charm to it that an email simply does not. If you plan on mailing your invitations, it’s best to send them a couple of weeks in advance to allow for RSVPs. Or, your child may simply hand-deliver them to their friends at school. Either way, having them hint at the party theme in advance will make sure everyone shows up ready to party! Prepare a group of girls for a royal affair with Disney princess or Frozen invitations, or get the little guys ready to come over and fight crime with Superhero or TMNT invitations. Octonauts invitations and other similar themes are great for gender-neutral birthday parties, and that’s just the beginning. Browse our full selection for even more party ideas!

At Birthday Express, we have plenty of wrapping paper patterns that match our most popular birthday party themes – why stop decorating at the table when you can carry it over to the gifts, too? Dr. Seuss wrapping paper is always a great idea, and you can also make use of things like tissue paper and gift bags for unique look.

If you’re able to coordinate with the other parents before the party and get everyone to wrap their gifts in similar wrapping paper, that’s something that can really enhance the look of your party decorations too. It’s not critical, of course (we’re sure most kids are really just concerned with what’s underneath the paper, anyways), but it’s another option to consider.

Invitations and birthday wrapping paper can also be included in our Party in a Box packages – get them shipped to your door in one fell swoop along with all the themed tableware and party decorations you need to throw a great party.