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Pull-String Pinatas

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There's nothing like a colorful pinata to get kids excited at a birthday party!

The challenge and anticipation of cracking it and seeing the candy and other treats fall to the ground gets the adrenaline flowing like nothing else. Just seeing the delight and excitement on party guests faces is often enough to make any parent happy. However, traditional pinatas can pose challenges, especially with small children and when your party is indoors. This is where pull-string pinatas come to the rescue!

With pull-string pinatas, kids take turns pulling one of the strings attached to the bottom of the pinata and eventually the loot will be released, or you can have them all grab one string and pull at the same time sending the goodies to the floor.

Birthday Express has many theme and character-inspired pull-string pinatas to choose from in addition to pinata fillers and pinata kits that come with the pinata, fillers, blindfold and a stick (just in case you decide to have your party guests whack instead of pull). There are even adorable pull-string pinatas for first birthdays!

Choose a pull-string pinata based on popular movies, television shows, storybooks, animals or unique pull-string pinatas designed exclusively by Birthday Express.