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Costume Accessories

Accessorize — add that extra touch and make the outfits snap.

Dress-Up Costume Accessories

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Take your child’s next birthday party to a whole new level of excitement and imagination.

Invite guests to dress up in costume accessories that complement your child’s party tableware, decorations and theme. Boys will shout “Booyakasha!” when they are dressed like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello, equipped and ready to defend against Shredder and the Foot Clan. Girls will gleefully curtsy and twirl as princesses in their sparkling tiaras and playful tutus.

Adding dress up to the party allows every guest play a lead role in on the fun! Costume accessories encourage creative thinking and imaginative play. Possibilities of fun and giggles are endless when party games and activities include dress up. An innocent game of musical chairs can turn into a playful Lightsaber battle against good and evil. A game of pin the tail on the donkey can twist into a knee-slappin’ cowgirl rodeo dance party. Or help inspire imagination by introducing a game or activity that requires costume accessories: Smashing a bulldozer piñata is much more fun with a construction party hat and safety vest. Or take your party “explorers” on a safari adventure in the backyard complete with everyone’s own pith hat and binoculars.

While possibilities are endless when dress up becomes part of the party, one thing is for sure – if you give kids the opportunity to dress up during the party, the results will be memory-making and unexpectedly fun.

Birthday Express can help add amusement and creativity to the party with costume accessories that coordinate to your child’s favorite theme. Imagine a roomful of Super Marios with mustaches, jumping over mushrooms or a backyard crawling with Cats in a Hat or a table full of princesses, pretending to dine at a café alongside the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Just give your guests the pieces and they will make a special party extraordinary!