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The perfect way to complete a party’s theme, dress-up costumes and accessories are bound to entertain your child and their friends on the big day. Shop a wide selection of clothes, hats, wigs, and other apparel for any of your little one’s interests. Our costumes can help set the scene, be it fantasy kingdoms or space stations, carnivals or sports stadiums, the Wild West or the open seas, or anywhere else the imagination might lead them.

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Your child’s imagination is boundless, and there’s no better way to tap into it for a perfect birthday bash than with the right costumes. At Birthday Express, we have everything you need to let kids live out their dreams. Nothing makes them feel special on their big day quite like transforming them into a princess, superhero, adventurer, or celebrity. Friends and guests also delight when you give them their own accessories and apparel, and they can make fine party favors and gifts as well.

Our party professionals keep an eye on what children love, with all the biggest TV shows, games, movies, and characters that they adore. Whether your little girl dreams of a winter wonderland like Elsa’s, your rowdy boy is ready to save the day with the Avengers, or your wide-eyed child wants to explore the world with their Pokemon companions, we have quality and affordable costumes that they’re sure to love. Coupled with themed party decorations, activities, and toys, you can create an unforgettable birthday party like no other. We work hard to curate apparel and props for all ages and sizes, and all sorts of personalities and interests, to let them weave their own tales; this way, there’s no hassle in picking out the perfect match for your child. Our online selection is easy to browse and full of options, all at excellent prices that won’t leave the perfect party just a dream.

Our costumes don’t have to be just for birthdays, either. Your little one can show off on Halloween, at school for costume days, or during other parties and special occasions. Also, playtime at home is more exciting when they’re dressed to play the part. Any day can be a celebration, and we at Birthday Express supply you with just what you need to make your child the hero of their dreams. You and your child deserve the best, and we’re ready to give it to you.