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    Set the scene to make your child's day extra special with party decorations from Birthday Express!

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Every child’s birthday party theme needs themed tableware – plates, napkins, cups, silverware – you name it.

Decorating the rest of the room, though, is really where the birthday magic happens. Instead of just enjoying some cake with their friends, all of a sudden your daughter is hosting a royal ball at her palace, or your son is discussing action plans with his very own band of Avengers. Birthday party decorations transform birthday parties into truly special, memorable events, and that’s why our selection of decorations at Birthday Express is so massive.

Basic decorations like crepe paper are always suitable for every party – choose a coordinating color or two and you’re good to go! Paper lanterns and tissue paper puffs are also great for hanging from ceilings or placing on the table. Balloons are almost a requirement, too. Create colorful bunches around the room, or use just a couple special foil balloons. If you don’t have any helium handy, you can suspend regular air-filled balloons from the ceiling for a fun effect.

Even the walls themselves can become something special! Jumbo sticky wall decals (don’t worry mom, they’re removable) bring characters from Dr. Seuss stories, Octonauts, Super Mario Bros., and other favorites of your child to life. Giant banners do the job too – each of them can be personalized with a special birthday message, and some even allow for the addition of personal photos. Cardboard standups, like Olaf from Frozen, WWE Superstar John Cena, and even a replica Eiffel Tower really bring the Wow! Factor to the party, too.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more subtle, but every bit as elegant as a themed party (and then some), try building your own party theme with solid color party supplies and decorations. Color scheming and creativity goes a long way! Party supplies by David Tutera are the perfect example – they go far beyond the realm of paper products to set the scene with uniquely shaped and patterned decorations. Printed and die-cut centerpieces, table runners with tassels, and elaborate hanging paper decorations can work beautifully on their own, or alongside another theme. Combining a pre-existing theme with new decorations is a great way to craft a party with your own flair!