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Our piñatas are a big hit.

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Our piñatas are a big hit.

Children dream of candy and other goodies falling from the sky. That’s why piñatas are such a hit. They are the sweetest party decorations on the planet, and make every kid's dreams come true. You'll be the ultimate host when you surprise them with a piñata from BirthdayExpress.com. We have hundreds of piñatas to choose from in huge range of shapes, sizes and themes. Select a traditional piñata (we also sell colorful, hard-plastic piñata sticks), or a pull-string piñata if you’re afraid your guests might swing in the wrong direction. For the pull-string piñatas, just gather your guests around the piñata and have everyone pull a string at the same time to trigger the fall of treats. Traditional piñatas will take a few well-aimed whacks to release their goodies, but are just as much fun. We have traditional piñatas shaped like horse shoes, tractors, mustaches, bulldozers, puppies, dinosaurs, unicorns, flowers, flip-flops, owls, ladybugs, Minions, horses, baseballs, beach balls, camping tents, dragons, dolphins and pirate ships, just waiting for you to fill with loot. If you want a gentler piñata experience, you can also get a kit to turn your traditional piñata into a pull-string piñata. We have pull string piñatas to go with a wide range of themes including Octonauts, Pink Cowgirl, Mustache Men, Super Mario Bros., Mermaids Under the Sea, Owls, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Seuss, Bubble Guppies and many more. We also offer a variety of piñata filler kits, ranging from the traditional candy mix to a medley of toys and candy, to an assortment of party favors like kazoos, fake noses and tiny squirt guns.