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Stand Ups

Blow up your social media posts with pictures of celebrities and movie characters chilling at your party!

Cardboard Birthday Party Stand-ups

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Stand Ups

Celebrities are literally standing by to get in the door at your party, and you get to decide who makes the cut. Our stand-ups are a hit at any party. Guests line up to get a selfie with their favorite.




Just like the icons they represent, these stand-ups are the stars of the show. Prop them up in a prominent area and watch your guests flock to stand beside Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. Like them or leave them, they're the conversation starters every party needs. Be sure to leave them extra room because the line to meet them is going to be long! If you choose political figures, patriotic streamers, balloons and flags are natural additions. If you decide to go the celebrity route, golden foil balloons shaped by stars and our paparazzi stand-up do the trick.




Like decorations, we have a variety of tableware items to fit the style of whatever celebrity you "invite" to the party. Red, white and blue plates, tablecloths and cups match patriotic themes, while silver, gold and black items complement movie stars. We even have classic striped popcorn boxes perfect for holding party favors, snacks or, of course, popcorn!