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St. Patrick's Day Party

Even if you haven't a bit o' Irish in your blood, you can still throw a St. Patrick's Day party that will have everyone green with envy.

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St. Patrick's Day Party

St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday celebrating
the patron saint of Ireland!

While many people simply see it as a day to drink green beer with friends, it actually is a recognized holiday in many churches. In the United States, though, it is mainly just a day to celebrate Irish culture. Everything turns green and the luck of the Irish is everywhere on March 17th each year when the holiday is observed. St. Patrick's Day parties are great fun to throw because of all the possibilities.




Décor can really be anything you want, but you must feature green. It also helps to use familiar figures, like shamrocks and pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Traditional party decorations, like balloons and crepe paper are easily worked into the overall décor. Green balloons and green polka dot crepe paper would fit the bill nicely, for example. It's also fun to hand out green and black derby hats to mimic those worn by leprechauns, who are said to be out and about on this special day.




Of course at any party you want to serve up treats. Set the table with green cups, plates, napkins and silverware. If you want to go really traditional, serve up corned beef and cabbage, but if that doesn't suit your palate, just do all your traditional party foods with a twist of green, like green iced cupcakes, green punch, green pancakes, cucumber sandwiches and dip with green peppers.