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Halloween Party

Deck your home in orange and black to celebrate the spookiest of all holidays: Halloween!

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Halloween Party

Halloween is the scariest time of year.

Ghosts, goblins, witches and monsters run amuck. The modern celebration of Halloween has its roots in folk customs and ritual, but it is very much a modern holiday. Children rush door to door with sacks gathering candy. Everyone delights in dressing up in costumes to become someone completely different for just this one night. It is truly a time of fantasy and fun mixed with just a bit of scariness for those that love the darker side of the holiday. Parties are a huge way to make October 31st one of the most fun days of the year. Gather all your friends for a night of spook-tacular festivities.




To pull together the best party, you have to embrace the colors of the season – orange and black. Nothing says Halloween than a room decked out in these colors. You want to flood the space with them, from the ceiling, where crepe paper drapes from corner to corner, like a large orange and black spider web to the tabletops, covered in orange and black tablecloths. Hang some orange chevron paper lanterns for dim lighting that will really get them spooked. Set the party atmosphere with bunches of balloons hovering overhead like ghosts.




Of course, your tables must be set to delight in the Halloween colors. Pull together coordinating cups, plates, napkins and silverware for guests to enjoy a feast of jack-o'-lantern burgers, sugar cookie witches' fingers and hot dog mummies. Don't forget to set out orange striped straws so your guests can sip some poisoned punch.